Where are the TT speciality phase workouts?

I was looking ahead to see what to add to my calendar.
Under part 3 of the workouts menu, the speciality phase, there is no mention of the 40k TT program i have read about.
Where is the plan? I want to check it out etc.
Also any idea why it isn’t shown under the speciality workout menu ?
Thank you.

I think i have found it.
It’s tucked away under the Road section.
(I think timetrialling should have its own speciality section. When i read Road, i thought of crits, stage races, hill climbing etc. Not TT’s)


Was just typing out instruictions but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

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We might look into this later, but for now we classify TTs under the road umbrella, since they’re not offroad, enthusiast plans, or Triathlon.

I think it would be better separate. I would imagine you’d get more people seeking to do TT training than “enthusiast” plans for example.

FYI, I almost never signed up for TR a few months ago because I couldn’t find any TT training at the time. It was only some of the podcast shows that seemed to be related.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll bring up revisiting the organization of our training plans to the rest of the team.