When you buy a $500 helmet

Heard a story about someone losing an eye from a bug while riding. I think about that every single time I see someone riding without glasses. Only time they come off are when climbing, in torrential downpour, or when at a cafe.

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I’m not sure we have to be dumb about it; he doesn’t mean “don’t take your glasses off”, he just means “don’t put them in the vents”.

you can just put them behind your ears?

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I don’t think there is much room for interpretation. The article states they went to a windtunnel to test 263 helmets and at the end had some time on their hands and just tested glasses in the vents and write about it. Not that you should do it but just for the sake of the information.

I would’ve tested an open, flapping jersey (as seen at Unbound for example) or a halfway open vest like the PNS bros ride :smiley:

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At that speed going uphill I take my helmet off.

Good idea… we’ll test this next time!

Glad the test wasn’t lost on everyone, though. I think the use of 40kph as the quoted speed was my error. I could calculate the watt difference at 20kph using the same CdA data, but no matter how I spin the maths, our test showed you save time by not putting your sunglasses in your vents. Plus you’re not closing them off and stopping airflow, which can only make things hotter.

Given how often I see pro riders doing it, often when in a mountain breakaway, I wonder whether it’s something teams have ever thought about / tested.


I miss the days of doing that…but between the size of current bike computers, the out-front mounting style, and oversized stem / bars, my helmet straps are not long enough anymore to out my helmet on the front of the bike. :man_shrugging:t2:

Oh that’s definitely a pass from me. I just got hit by a car the other day. And the mountain roads get even crazier with dumbass drivers. I’ll take the sweat streams :rofl: