When to start my new training plan

Hello all,

So my main race season has just ended. And specifically my second, super small plan ended, in fact on my final recovery week before it ends.

I’ve already started making adjustments and am planning on hitting the gym twice a week instead of just once, and was doing the Low volume plan. However, with my main races done, there is a TT series that I am interested in doing that start up about 2 months from now and run for a total of 7 weeks. Honestly I don’t plan on being competitive, since I don’t own a TT bike (although there is a retro category). The course in only 9.6 miles of rolling, so nothing insane.

My goal will be to start up a new plan, and peak around mid April, as that is when the spring classics start in my neck of the woods. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I feed those races into the new schedule and start up my new training plan in about a week or so? Or do I do a smaller plan and finish up in October? Do I just do train now and then start up a new plan in October?

Curious, since I’ve only done one full training plan and a much smaller 2 month one.

Thanks for the help

I’m assuming you’re looking at sweetspot base low volume. If you aren’t worried about being competitive I’d just sub out one of your harder workouts each week you’ve a race. Considering is a TT taking out the high sweetspot or threshold workout would probably make sense.

You’ve loads of time until April so you’ll probably cycle through SSBLV again anyway.