When to gently nudge someone into preparing for an event?

So, there’s a sprint tri 16 weeks away and friend has not done a single minute of training for it yet. I figure even if they get a 12 week base cycle in it would be good enough, but I don’t even see that happening. At what point would you say to someone that they need to get going with training or not even bother showing up to an event?

Or let them show up and be miserable; then if they sign up for things in the future they will train! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m assuming this is a relatively new triathlete? Is there something else that’s holding them back?

Let them learn on their own. If they aren’t motivated to train then you pushing them is only going to strain your relationship with them.

You could discuss your training and how you’re preparing, but I wouldn’t push someone to train who isn’t asking for it


Except if they are part of your team and their lack of fitness would in some way affect you I wouldn’t bother at all.

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Is this one of those “asking for a friend” posts? If so - you should start training :wink:

I’m joking… but I think it depends on who the friend is, your relationship with them, what motivates them, and what your motivation is to get them moving.
If they aren’t motivated, and it doesn’t affect you personally… then it’s not your job to babysit them.

If it’s a partner/husband/wife that has committed to going but they are having trouble getting training started on their own for some reason, you could always make it something you do “together” (even if you train separate, you can plan your training/nutrition/workouts together). If they really want to do the event, just find their motivation.

If it’s a friend that thinks he can just show up and crush it with no training, maybe take them on a drop ride and drop them lol.

ha, you must not follow me too closely, I’m in the middle of high volume build, I would definitely be ready for (almost) anything, except for swimming because I can’t and I’d die trying lol

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Most average people could rock up to a sprint and finish if they can swim. It would be slow and painful but its very short and you can use any stroke and any type of bike. If they don’t want to train just let them get on with it.

haha. Actually I’m in new england also, and do recall seeing some of your posts regarding HV! More just making a light joke :wink:

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Thanks for the insight folks! I’ll definitely just let them work it out on their own. I like to encourage folks (I must secretly want to be a coach) so I have to go against my better instincts. Ultimately people have to be self-motivated, I’m lucky to have the motivation/discipline to put in the time on the trainer, but I’m one of the weird minority (like many of us here are)

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