When should I start racing?

I finished my second week of SSB LV 2 and noticed that my time to exhaustion has slightly increased. Is it good to race during the base phase and should I replace a workout with a race or make the workouts a priority and just go race with fatigue built up from the workouts?

Yes, race, C races are an excellent opportunity to build fitness and skill, just replace a workout. There won’t be any races for a long time.

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When racing comes back - if you want to race, just go do it. And enter as many races as you can.

There is so much to learn in racing. Things you’ll never learn sitting on a trainer.

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hah… now I want to mention that zwift racing is what I want to get into. I have done couple of zwift races but I am not really familiar with race tactics but I guess this could be a good place to start. There is a very slim chance about IRL races happening so I can pretty much toast myself with zwift racing.

I like doing Zwift races at the end of recovery weeks, instead of whatever Saturday workout in on the schedule. I feel like that really hard 30ish minutes plus a long warmup/cool down is a great wake up from the recovery week before a new block.

and that won’t affect your results on the ramp/FTP test?

As long as you can shed the fatigue, no. Maybe not a three hour epic race on Z, but one of the crit city races or something isn’t a problem at all. I do a Saturday group ride that has a 30 min “race” section among the two plus hours and it doesn’t affect my testing.

Plus you can edit your FTP whenever. You’re not stuck with a bad test value.

I have no idea, but I think it helps. I tend to feel pretty flat coming out of rest. A zwift race is typically a huge 5-10 minute effort, 20-25 minutes of close to threshold, then a minute surge at the end (at least the ones I usually do). I’m wiped after, but fine the next day. And the recent memory of going that deep helps me go deep again during the ramp,

The Tour de Zwift and Watopia races were hella short, like a 25 minute full gas effort. The 60-75 minute races are much better, 2-3 minutes full gas then settle to 90% for an hour with some digs in the middle.