When in my training cycle should I use this workout? And is it harder than Disaster?

By accident, I came across this neat workout: it starts mellow with 10 minutes at FTP, followed by 10 30-second efforts above threshold, 6 are at 300 % FTP. But don’t worry, between each you have 30-second rest intervals. Afterwards you’ll relax for a few minutes at FTP :rofl:

Who is this poor soul that has to test trainer power curves on your team? How long do they last? And how many do they have to do per week? Just curious.

PS Yes, I read the workout description. :wink:

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Take a drink every time they say “this is not a workout” :rofl:


So when’s WWTPCMD?

I would guess that if you are testing the power curve, you would want to test against

a known, so I expect they would set the FTP of the person doing the test to a constant, say 100m that way it would be constant with other tests

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t’s part of the onboarding process at TrainerRoad :wink:

I’m kidding!

With non-smart trainers becoming less and less popular, this isn’t something that has to be done frequently. However, as you’ll read in the Workout Description, if we have to do this for a new non-smart trainer, we’ll set the FTP to 100. That makes it manageable!

But in case it was not clear in the Workout Description, this is not a Workout, and you shouldn’t do it unless someone from Support suggests that you do!

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How did you find this!? :joy:

Surely this is just your opener for WWDD. And none of that setting FTP to 100…

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