When can I retire and make cycling my career?

12+ hour day yesterday, and today at 11:57am have already spent 8 hours in meetings and in front of the computer.

At this rate I’ll need to retire before getting back on the bike this week!

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I asked my co-workers if they wanted to sponsor me so I embark on a pro career. I got a lot of strange looks and was told to get back to work…


two weeks notification is the socially acceptable norm.


work-cycling-family balance getting trashed again, aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh !!!

When you were a 14 year old boy in the Belgian countryside.

fixed it. That was the summer I did my first century, on cheap 10-speed. Listening to my dad’s stories of riding in France and Belgium. Flipping thru the Palo Alto Bicycles catalog and dreaming of a righteous Italian bike.