What's your total weekly average fitness activity (e.g., cycling, strength, mobility, walks, etc.) time?

Really curious for other folks who track all of their weekly fitness activities (e.g., cycling, strength, mobility, walks, etc.), what total amount of time per week do you average?

For me, when I include everything (which includes dog walks - yes, I track these), I’m at ~22 hours / week.

I don’t really track walks or anything like that — I try to aim for 8-12 hours on the bike a week and 1-2 gym sessions a week (about an hour each). Generally works out to like 6 active days with one rest day in there.


I’ll sometimes track walks when the are circular wit decent terrain/photo opportunities but I’ll seldom track straight out and back walks to the local shop for milk or for lunch. Apart from walking and cycling I dont do much else worth tracking. Light weights/ stretching/ core exercises are just a sporadic thing for me and wouldn’t result in any interesting data anyway. At a guess of what I do track I’ll average around 10-12h

I started tracking dog walks a couple of years ago as part of the Back to Sesame Street Challenge (walk / run more than 500 miles in the year) and was amazed at how many miles I was actually walking the dogs

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For me, currently:

  • 15 to 16.5h on the bike
  • 1 to 1.5h of strength
  • 2 to 10h dog walking
  • 3 to 5 20 minutes core sessions here and there

That’s pretty typically when I am healthy and working from home, drops off a lot when I am travelling for work or ill.

Funny that we average about the same total hours :smile: For me that’s the maximum I can do without being kicked out the house :joy:


I only record cycling , I don’t really see the point in tracking walking,weights, stretching etc. When I ran regularly I also recorded those,


According to Apple Health, just under 22 hours a week. But I don’t always have my phone with me, for instance if I’ve gone for a walk. Thus it won’t have included stuff like a walk to the shops and back.

In terms of actively recording activities only cycling and again I don’t record utility cycling such as when going shopping. Strength work I don’t record and I won’t have my phone on me.


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9 hours

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3 Hours TR
3 Hours MTB
2 Hours Gymnastics
1 Hour KBs/Weights

So about 9 then :smiley:

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2-a-days for the win, running and cycling only.



Mine has been goggins level. I’ve stopped using strava as I tend to do stupid things if I’m timing sectors and recording speed. I’ve just rarely been home. I’ve been cycling+foraging (i’m not going to incriminate myself!) every non-heavy rain day, typically 4-8 hours out. gym about 5/7 days, 30-90 minutes, typically around 50 minutes. Unsustainable, got jumper’s knee 1st september, for about a month just did pushups and dragonflags+a few corrective exercises at home (can’t quantify really). I’m in an almost constant brain fog from being too long in a toxic relationship (15y), so I’m never really able to relax. Haven’t been able to watch an episode of a series or play a game on my pc for months, just constantly moving. That’s also how I went from 105kg to 82kg in about 2 months, eating insane amounts of food. Physically became ripped, mentally just damaged.

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Whatever you can do to get help, no matter how small or just for one thing, will be a step in the right direction.

If you have access to a doctor, dump everything on them in one session (don’t hold back or filter anything) and hopefully they can pick one or two things to start with. Whether that’s blood tests or a referral. If they get flustered, try another doctor if that’s possible in your country. If you can’t access a doctor, make Googling how to access professional healthcare for free your new hobby.

Ask them to unGoggin you; tell them it’s a medical term.


Looking back at a year, I’d guess thats around 14h (685/46.2)

Over the last 4 weeks:


Outdoors this year:

Overall (Out, In, Walking)

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Probably would’ve been interesting to state current W/kg or FTP to see how it correlates to work done/effort.

I’m sitting around an FTP (w/kg) of around 4.25-4.5w/kg.

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I’m approx 3.5 W/kg at the mo :slight_smile:

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3 days cycling, 2 days running, 2 days strength training, and some walks with the wife and dogs adds up to about 9 hours of activity per week.

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Average around 25 hours total:

21-22 hours on the bike - pretty much all indoor at this time of year
3-4 hours walking


Just over 5 W/Kg at 310 FTP & 60.5 kg


5-25 hours depending on the week and the time of the year if I loop in gym workouts and walking the dog. Rest week off the bike I could be 5. High volume part of the season I could be 25. This week I’ll land around 20 with 15ish on the bike.

Although, I’ve gone on “expedition” type trips where it’s 16-18 hours a day for 12 days straight and will usually do one of those per year, although didn’t happen in 2023.


I ride, on average, 8.25 hours per week and I take a lunch walk that would total about 5-7 hours per week (at least 45min/day). I don’t actually track the walks tho but I do it everyday.
So call that 14-15 hours of ‘active time’.