What's So Bad About Pizza?

Good choice

Finally made some pizza, I think it has been nearly a year. We have been sick basically since April when I posted above about getting the Ooni and had to head out of town for a wedding/vacation so didn’t bother with working on a starter. Finally got one going again about 2 weeks ago and got something halfway decent to make it worth making dough. Still not going to try bread yet but since the King arthur pizza recipe we use just calls for discard, it was fine. Flavor isn’t quite what it was before but it worked.

Mom was at a yoga retreat so my helper was up on the counter and we couldn’t get in trouble for it.

Ooni takes some learning, My dad mentioned he had been doing like an hour warm up at full blast (we both have the propane kit) then turning it down a bit to cook.

Day 1 ran into 2 issues. One my wooden peel did not fit and I made one of the pizzas on it, so transferfing caused some spilling and got some stuff on the stone. I forgot to clean it for day 2 so that left some burned crap on the pizza (oops). The other was I didn’t do the long enough warm up so I had to turn it up a bit once the pizza was in and that caused the dough to not quite cook ideally. Day 2, since mom was back home and wanted to try our pizza, and the rain held off, I did a full hour at full blast and then turned it down, cooked much better.

The tot is picky with her pizza, she peels the cheese off the costco pizza but cheese is one of her favorite foods. Last year making her just a dough and ricotta pizza she mostly ate the ricotta not the dough. Now she wants the cheese scrapped off and just ate the dough. The other 2 are ricotta with some garlic mixed in, kalamata and black olives (I originally had the black for tot but she said no), some feta and tomatoes.


I’m guessing you may have been or heard of poopsies? If so, I think they have best bar pizza on the south shore. I go there anytime I visit “home”. Now I’m hungry for one of their pies!

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Grew up about 3 miles away, so yes, very familiar! (North Marshfield, live in Medford now)

Our family sold the house I grew up in about 5-10 years ago, but I try and stop in every time I visit friends down there.

Also spent a bunch of time going to Town Spa as I had friends in the area and worked out there when I was younger. Finally decided to buy the pans and start working on the recipe at home.

Obligatory Poopsies Pics:

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Awesome, love to see it!

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Do you have an IR thermometer to take the temp of your stone? You shouldn’t have to blast your stone for an hour if you have an ooni. That type of preheat is usually for a stone in a home oven becuase it doesn’t have direct heat. I have a camp chef stove and my preheat is about 15-20 minutes to get to 725-750 which is my cooking temp. The ooni should hit 800+ in a similar time frame.

I do have an IR temp gun somewhere, need to figure out if it is at work or home, haven’t seen it in a while.

Made some more sunday, opposite this time and virtually no warm up. I lit the oven and forgot to take the rain cap off the chimney so it went out, lit it again didn’t realize that was the problem and it went out again. At this point I had wasted a half hour and had to get them in. Crust on tots pizza was good but it cooled off the stone a bit too much and was little undercooked on the other two. Other than that they were good.

just red sauce mozz and black olives

Ricotta mixed with garlic, mozz and black olives

Tots request of just crust, sauce and “geen brrr peas” (frozen green peas… which she proceeded to remove)


Now I thought about it too. I am adding pizza to my diet after this post