What's one of the "easier" Sweet Spot workouts?

Hey gang, gotta fill in a little TSS today but have to Ramp Test Tuesday. What’s one of the easier sweet spot rides? Thanks!
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Geiger maybe? It’s 3x12 I believe rolling sweet spot

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Check out Antelope, one of the minus versions. The intervalls are only 10 minute long.

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Search the Workout library.

Tunnabora -5.

Or just do your own.


Carson -1


To expand on this tool, which is sorely underused:

  • Load the Workouts page on the web.
  • Click the box for the desired zone (SS in this case)
  • Sort by TSS, Ascending (2 clicks)
  • And you get the following list:

Use this and additional check boxes to limit time to desired duration or other details.

It’s quite easy to get the 2000+ workouts down to around 20 or so in many cases.


Carson is my favourite fill-in sweet spot workout.


Monitor is an all-time favorite of mine. 6 x 6 minute intervals with rolling intensity so it doesn’t get boring.

Carson. The intervals are fairly short relative to some of the other options.

I like this tool and have used it a few times. Thanks @mcneese.chad!

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I second the suggestions for Carson and Monitor. Those are my favorites!


I just did Carillon last night and it wasn’t too bad. Basically it’s two 20 minute intervals, but it’s mostly on the lower end of sweet spot and you get a 1 minute break at 10 minutes in for each.