What's my best option?

Hi, wondering if someone in the know can advise me on a few things? (should be new TR user this week)

I have:
Indoor smart bike, that has wrong BT protocol for TR. (I can adjust magnetic resistance manually fairly easily)
Garmin Vector 2 Pedals (Ant +)
Garmin cadence sensor 2 (Ant+ and BT)
Polar H11 HRM (Ant+ and BT)
Garmin Edge 530
Mega old iPad
Win 10 PC with Ant+ USB stick and BTooth USB stick

The PC/Monitor is fairly handy to my smart bike … to view monitor etc

A few Q’s
Can I use BT and Ant+ sensors simultaneously on the PC version/App?
Would i be better using the outdoor version of the workouts via my Edge?
Would TR be a lot easier to use if I bought a cheap and cheerful Ant+ tablet? (if so what one?)
Would i be able to pick up all devices via Ant+ on my Edge at same time as connected to PC (even if connected to App via Ant+)?

Thanks in advance

Think so. But looking through your list, you don’t have any BT-only devices? All can communicate via Ant+.

Why? If you have an Ant+ stick for your PC, why not just run TR on your PC?
It sounds like you won’t be able to control your indoor bike from TR, because of the BT protocol, but your Garmin pedals (and other sensors) will report back, so it’ll be like using TR on a dumb trainer.

Yes, the Ant+ protocol allows you to receive the data on both the PC and the Edge (and more devices, if you want).

I’m not totally familiar with the Garmin pedals, but do they not report cadence? Why do you need a separate cadence sensor?


Thanks splash,

yeah i should be able to run all via Ant+!, and i think you are right the Vectors do have cadence (i’m waiting on them being delivered but think they should have).

Good to know the Edge with pick up the Ant+ simultaneously too :+1:t2:

So once the session has started, i don’t really need to input anything into software, ie, don’t need local keyboard reachable while sitting on bike?

Thanks again.

It’s helpful to be able to adjust the intensity if you are having a bad or good day and also to extend warm ups and cooldowns. I recommend a cheap logitech bluetooth wireless keyboard that includes the touchpad in it so you don’t have to fiddle with a mouse. Works good for navigating a PC while on a bike.

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Good thinking Russell :+1:t2: I never thought of that.


An even better option…mini BT keyboard. I adhered a 1/4 turn mount to the back and have it mounted on my computer mount on the bike.

Rii i8+ Mini

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Who makes that one?

Only thing is I have to use my PC for work during the day… currently have a wired keyboard, would i be able to have a BT keyboard installed at same time and just switch on/off as required? or would i need to unplug wired keyboard to use BT keyboard?


I don’t think this would survive me sweating it to death. But it looks cool. My keyboard is on a rolling stand that I can push outside the reach of my sweaty self, but still the spacebar is a little funky.

keyboard has been going strong since 2015 though!




Not certain….it was just the first image I found. Just search on Amazon and you’ll have multiple options. All pretty cheap too (less than $20, I think).

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