What's Going on at Stages? Customer Service Unresponsive

Does anyone know if something happened to Stages Cycling?

A power meter I purchased from them about a year ago recently crapped out, so I contacted customer support via email about two weeks ago.

I haven’t received a response yet. I’ve emailed them a couple of additional times to see if someone just overlooked my initial support ticket and no response to those emails either.

I’ve tried calling a few times as well and every single time their automated answering service just says there’s no one available to take the call. Doesn’t even give an option to wait for a customer service representative.

Is their support always this terrible? Might need to start shopping other power meter brands at this point.


I had a Stages left side power meter go out about 2-years ago and the customer service response was almost instant and had a replacement sent to me fairly quickly under warranty. So I would say this is not normal for them.

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Similar comment on the last facebook post they made

I was in contact with them maybe 6mo ago. They were slow to respond. I have imagine they laid people off during Covid and have a small staff or contractors responding to emails

I submitted a ticket a couple weeks ago and never got a response. I doubt I’ll ever buy anything by stages again.

It’s so unfortunate to hear that their customer service has gotten that bad. I’ve had to contact them a couple of times over the past couple of years about my SB20 (once because the bike arrived with a dead power meter and another because my cat chewed the power cable) and they were super responsive; both times they overnighted me the parts within a couple of days. I wonder what happened.

Probably unrelated, but I wonder if there is any connection to this lack of service and the fact that Giant bailed on their previous plan to connect with Stages?

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Hmmm… that is interesting. It makes me wonder if they’re having a liquidity issue.

I Made an account here to add my reply. I’ve had a ticket with them open since April 12th that I have updated multiple times and beyond the auto response I have gotten zero replies. It truly does not look good for stages support wise at this point.

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That’s a bummer. It seems like I’m not the only one having the issue. Their social media posts have a bunch of folks complaining as well.

Personally, I’ve emailed them a few additional times and still have not heard back at all.

I’m going to keep trying to contact them until they put out an official statement, but I’ve moved onto to plan B for my power meter at this point.

The real bummer with this whole issue is their store remains open and they’re still selling product. However, they’re not disclosing that there’s no after sale support anymore.

I bought a brand new power meter from them in April for my Madone, I wouldn’t have done so if I knew about this before hand.

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This is disappointing to hear; I’ve gotten great, prompt support from them in the past for my SB20. I have two Stages power meters (well out of warranty) and the SB20, I hope they can turn it around.

A few months ago my power meter died on me, so I opened a ticket. It took 6 weeks and a bit of chasing to get a response, but once I did they shipped a replacement within days. That’s despite the power meter being nearly a year out of warranty.

The 6-week wait obviously isn’t good, but in my experience at least, it’s not fair to say there’s no after-sale support.

Well I mean, even if they do come good after six weeks the problem is they impossible to get ahold of currently. They don’t even so much as acknowledge emails, so it’s hard to tell if you’re even in a que or if they’ve simply deleted or not even looked at emails.


@mcneese.chad mentioned this thread on my thread about my stages crapping out.
Add me to the problem list!

I was responded to pretty much immediately last week, when I created a support ticket for a zero offset issue. (it works on my bike computer, doesn’t work on the phone app)

But my “stages 9200 dual sided stopped working” has not been responded to for 4 days so far.

Not sure what to make of it but it sounds like they pick and choose what to respond to quickly.


Did you get an initial auto-reply when you created a ticket but heard nothing since?
Submit a ticket : Stages Cycling

Any updates? Is Stages helping you out or have they continued to drop the ball?

Still can’t get a hold of them, I’ve just about given up at this point.

That’s absolutely terrible. I’m sorry. I seriously thought about buying the Stages bike, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.

As for the previous post saying “it’s not fair to say they have no support if they replied 6 weeks later”, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’d have purchased a replacement from another company LONG before then.

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Definitely, I’ve just about given up at this point.

I’ve got a different power meter on my bike now, but I still have been following up with Stages to see if I can get a response. It would be nice to get it repaired so I can at the very least sell it on eBay.


Would you say you’ve reached the… acceptance stage of the various stages? Ba dum tss.