What's a fruit or vegetable you think is underrated a while?

Based on taste alone I think parsnips and okra are super underrated! Fried parsnip only need a bit of salt and steamed okra is delicious with lemon juice and salt!
What would you say is underrated and why? E.g. macros, micros, taste, texture, benefits etc
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Home-grown broccoli :broccoli:. Nothing like the store stuff. Steamed or grilled and covered in salt and pepper…I’m hungry just thinking about it.

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That’s tricky, because my siblings and I loved broccoli and especially spinach since we were small children, foods that other children detest. Does that count?

Otherwise, I can think of canned black beans. Holy moly, my wife and I are eating tons of it. Easy to make, delicious, cheap. But is it underrated? I don’t know.

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Carrots, if roasted properly they are absolutely delicious!
Another low key accompaniment would be sauerkraut and Kim-chi :drooling_face:

Popcorn. Air-popped corn has many health benefits that few are aware of.

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Yes to all of these! I’ve been making this salad on repeat: Carrot Avocado Salad Recipe on Food52.

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:drooling_face: oh man I gotta try that out!

Asian pears and jackfruit, maybe dragon fruit? All super refreshing especially in the summer. For veggies bok choy is super easy to sautee and cheap. Taro root is a great starch to mix things up

Also lady finger bananas fit in a jersey pocket way better than a normal banana and are the perfect serving size during a ride

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