What workout did you do today? (2022, part 1)

Buy a garmin watch, it counts the two hours I’ve spent on the sofa watching a film as sleep, the hours I spend laying but tossing and turning in bed as sleep and it’ll seem to add on more through the day. I’ve slept about 4hours before and by the time I go to bed again its saying nearly 8 :roll_eyes:

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From yesterday, another taper threshold - race tomorrow.

I’m ready to be done with this season but there’s another race next weekend so I might just squeeze one last one out of it!:sweat_smile:


Its my 2nd last race tomorrow, if the final one isn’t cancelled. Good luck!


Cheers @HLaB, best of luck to you too! :four_leaf_clover:


That’s odd. My Garmin watch doesn’t even count naps, not to mention time sitting on the couch. It’s incredibly accurate for sleep, right down to the minute most nights.

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My Suunto Spartan Trainer HR watch is still going strong and also accurately captures sleep as compared to the Sleep Cycle app on my phone. Both say I don’t get nearly enough sleep. :frowning: Speaking of which, I need to stop catching up on work and go to :sleeping_bed: :zzz:

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Grassy Ridge +2 I’m not used to structured outside workouts.

30secs vo2max intervals were fine to do on a quiet uphill road.
I forgot there was a 3rd batch to do and I turned around. So i had to do the last batch going DH lol.


Oops! My reply was meant for @HLaB from his Garmin comment. My mistake.

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I thought so :+1:Maybe I should have delimited it to the Vivioactive 3; its good to hear that other models of Garmin watches are more accurate :+1::+1: The vivioactive will probably count this 5mins on the phone at 5:50am as asleep as I am still in bed :joy:

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Goode VO2 Max 7.8

A slight step down in difficulty as I’m tapering at the end of Rolling Road Race specialty.

Tacked on some extra to complete my 25th ride up Alpe du Zwift to get the Masochist badge, and a (still modest) PR in the process. :+1:


Today I restarted structured training after a 9 week hiatus after being hit by a car. Did a lot of rehab, PT, and aerobic endurance as recovery. Slowly increased intensity over the last 3-4 weeks and have gotten back to close to a 50/50 power split (up from around 30/70 with the damage to my left knee greatly limiting me)

Figured I’d start with a 40 minute FTP test to benchmark


Really happy with my pacing

First 10: 362
Second 10: 364
Third 10: 362
Fourth 10: 366

All results in an FTP drop of around 30 watts from where I was before the crash


Well done :+1:t2:
And great to read that you’re recovery has gone well.

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Thanks. I wrote about it and now i did it.
Brag alert: :partying_face: I just did the 2x20@100% :partying_face: :partying_face:

I was paying attention to how it felt : i could feel my legs were getting a bit heavy as i was not clearing the H+ ions but it was steady unlike vo2 max wo. This workout practices accepting being uncomfortable for a long time.

I did the first at higher cadence than the second. You can see i tried to go back up in cadence halfway in the 2nd 20min but it didn’t feel sustainable as my HR was pretty high by then; going back to lower cadence was ok.

Question: do i try aiFTP or keep going for higher PL?


Tremendous effort :muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


Not bad. Always happy to get off the indoor bike after an hour and a half though.


Sierra +2 (fail)

I took a back pedal during the third and second to last intervals. Maybe I could / should have pushed through but didn’t want to bury myself. Took Saturday and Sunday completely off for a vacation (of sorts) so legs actually felt pretty good. Last full week of training before tapering into the off season. I put a fictitious A event on my calendar on 16 October to mark the end of the regular season. Not sure if I’ll sign up for something at the last minute, do a long ride on my own, or nothing at all - probably depends a lot on the weather.


Bekker - Anaerobic 5.7

Tapering at the end of RRR, so just a half hour. Still not a walk in the park, though!


A particularly brutal day to end a particularly brutal week. I was annoyed I had to miss my workouts on Wednesday but after yesterday I was glad for the extra unscheduled rest day.


A nice escape from reality with a virtual trip to Borrego Springs to do Black it was a good workout nice and easy for TT position practice and with varied cadences which made it go fast. It was perfect for listening to the greatest no score draw in history :wink:


Had a week in Cairngorms (Scotland) as planned, Fjallraven UK classic, great week away, 75km of hiking over three days. With another two days at base camp in the tent.

Nice break for the legs envisaged, but ended up carrying 23kilos, took far more than required, mostly for comfort, a get away from going ultralight as distance was fairly low in comparison to other times.

Well since returning I’ve done following:
20th Tuesday 18km Trail run at a good pace. Energy in legs to burn!
22nd Thursday Treadmill 8km, 2km@6%incline, 4km@9%incline, 2km@6%incline Good workout, quads well worked, this will be my go to mountain running indoor leg workout. Zwift volcano climb done at the time.
24th Saturday Back to mountains (Wales), Tryfan, both Glyders and down through Devils kitchen. Another great day out and another leg workout!

26th Monday Base run, two hours low pace, 18km
27th Tuesday Finally got back on the trainer, PLs have reduced a bit, sweet spot was down to 3.1, so did a 3.8 to bring that one back up. Marked as hard, but low end of hard.

Hopefully back to three on, rest day, three on, rest day… runs and bike balanced across this ‘week’…