What workout did you do today? (2022, part 1)

Started back on 3 days of sweet spot after 5 weeks working from my parents and riding outside almost daily with my best bud in WA state. Felt easy even with a small ftp bump and kept the max hr at 146 but mostly hovering around 135-140 during the blocks.

Too hot currently to ride outside in GA for me besides a recovery/endurance style ride.


Building that aerobic engine … via approx 12,500 revolutions and a toughened posterior. :grin:


Was supposed to be 3x10 minute sweet spot. I found this and modded it to fit my coach’s tss/if & duration. Sprint starts suuuuuck. Not only do you have to finish the sprint, but also the next 11 minutes of the interval.

Will be more prepared for them next time.


Threshold is my kryptonite. Never comfortable. Always negotiating in my head. Satisfying to have done it

Dragontail -1


Almost all of my riding this summer has been outside. Building toward an event end of this month and pleased with this progression of work since March. Slow steady increase in both TSS an intensity. Should be about 80-82 for 6 wk daily average end of August.


First real threshold workout with new FTP and it went very well. Even did the standing intervals and extended the last interval by 30 seconds for a Zwift KOM :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


I had McGregor-5 in my calendar today and I took it outside. It took me a while to get into a cadence where power was flowing fairly sustainably down hill. I finished into a strong headwind on the old A1 which can be monotonous so I threw in some short VO2max intervals.

PS ignore my HR, my TickR failed a couple of days back and in the interim I used the watch it seemed accurate enough against PE last night but in one 5 min SS interval I glanced down to see it recording 57% (I am sure I was going harder than that :upside_down_face:)


VO2 Block - Workout 9/9

Made it :tada::tada::tada:.

Fatigue was high and that made it hard to bring HR and Power up. Glad I structured this third week with the 3min, 2.5min, 2min intervals.

Hopefully see some gains in a few weeks :crossed_fingers:. Weekend off completely then an easy rest week where I’ll just try get out on the MTB and try find some feel for the bike again.

Two weeks of SSB and then Specialty time!


Today was supposed to be an easy SS ride but my RPE was through the roof for the first 30 minutes:

I managed to complete it and the last half was fine, but I still rated it as “hard”. I think it felt rough because I did threshold yesterday and it wrecked me:

Fingers crossed I didn’t lose any gains by not giving myself a recovery day.

I wish I had more time to devote to training but when I have a busy week, I tend to leave out the recovery. Probably not the best idea.


I won’t even post the boring pic of the workout, but…I felt like crap and pulled the plug on my threshold workout and subbed in Dans. Ooof. Guess I need some more recovery.


Coming to the end of the recovery week at the end of SPB. No workout scheduled, and felt like doing something, so signed up to a short group ride on Zwift and enjoyed myself. :grin:


Did some easy sweet spot today, long ride tomorrow


Eichorn today and 20 min Core (Apple Fitness). Let’s see how my legs fare tomorrow :smiley:


This was nice to get some VO2 and threshold work in on one workout. It came up on train now under attacking.


4x4 min with long recovery. First interval at 510 W which was a PB for that time. Others were more controlled at 470 W. Body weight 85 kg, just have to shed some kilos for next year.


Pretty massive power! I had to look up the suggested workouts for me for 4 mins. 112% of FTP at 4 mins is like 352 watts.


Thanks! I got this VO2max peak in time for a UCI gravel race in two weeks. This was fourth high intensity workout after April, I have just been grinding long threshold intervals so it’s nice to do something a bit shorter. Just a couple of these workouts left so I can taper!


Good luck!


More VO2max. Did them on the way to work which meant riding with a backpack. I used to do commute intervals all the time before the pandemic but it’s going to take me a few times to get used to it again.


End of first week of ssb lv1 and felt pretty good. Need to continue my sweet spot progress as it is my weakest area. Happy with my highest hr was 160 and recovery better got down to 110 quicker on this tempo rode. Last block at 200w before cooldown at 124 hr.

On another note the ftp ai seems pretty spot on and the strava miles is working well