What workout did you do today? (2022, part 1)

Thank goodness you checked then! I’ll often not take the first sip for an hour or so if I am only carrying a bottle or two (admittedly not if going hard). Would have been a bummer.

Three cheers for supportive spouses!

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Bit of an interesting one. I have my four year old home sick. Hopped on the trainer while she watched a movie but had lots of visits and a couple of times off the bike to help her during the last interval.

Hopefully can keep the bugs at bay myself :crossed_fingers:


Nice! I love me some short rest intervals :joy:

I adjusted my schedule to my LV scheduled rides to be on MWF based on me returning to work. When I did that, my training plan for this week changed. It suggested I do a SS 5.5 workout. Weird. I had an 8.3 previously scheduled. But I did 8.8 last week, so figured why not go higher before my rest week next week!

I liked this workout. Seems pertinent for when I do return to racing.


Race day yesterday.


First time doing a (modified) taper with AT. Felt like the fitness was right where I wanted it, but interestingly don’t feel the burnout I typically have at a peak. Planning to take some time off the bike towards the end of this week (as I usually respond well to a mid-season break) but don’t feel the need like I normally do. Will take the rest anyway, but a noticeable change for this season


First workout post Covid AND since my FTP increase (253 → 267).

Got through 2 of the intervals but just felt empty after the second. Regardless, I think I my FTP is set right, just need to get my sea legs back.


Race day on this past Sunday. Felt pretty good after a choppy swim in Lake Michigan. Coolish weather for the bike and run compared with previous years. Went totally by feel but had the Garmin up to glance at from time to time. Left myself in decent condition to pull out a decent run! Still not sure why my old 520 still reads power and cadence but my replacement 945 watch doesn’t. A mystery for another day, probably a firmware update I’m missing or something. Going to clear all the sensors and pair everything again too.

Later today is Berryessa then a sprint race Wednesday before back to the training grind in my first ever Specialty Phase after all these years of using TrainerRoad. :open_mouth: Thank you AT!!


Still on a LV base plan and waiting for new bike day so I can get out on my long weekend rides again, and trying to get a tweaked shoulder better so I can get back to lifting.

Workouts for the most part have gotten to the “hard” level with a 6.4 VO2 coming up next week, a sweet spot 7.5 and an 8.3, plus a threshold 4.7 and 5.1 before an easy week and then AI FTP re-eval…



Spicy one this morning! Sprints started to hurt but VO2 floats were mercifully short.


Frustrating feeling, I’m sure. But your confidence in legs and lungs is encouraging.

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Managed to do it outside :muscle::muscle::laughing:


After my major fail of last week’s VO2 max interval Sugarloaf +3 AI gave me a more realistic workout this week: Inspiration. After the first interval I was really doubting myself to complete the full workout but it worked out quite ok

Question to all: how should I fill these workouts in the survey? VO2 max will always be hard I guess, but overall I managed ok, so I would assume this is moderate intensity due to the long recovery intervals.


I use this form, created by @mcneese.chad

He has a newer version, but I use this one because I just look at the parts that are underlined to make it a simple decision.


Thanks! this is exactly what i was looking for

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Here is a later version, and link to the fife that has the latest all the time.


Race day with 2 days rest. Didn’t do yesterday’s workout and just fell asleep early after work.
Again did the race by feel. Glanced at the power meter a few times but didn’t really process the info to change anything. Looks like I rode the 12 miles about -5w compared with the 24 miles almost a month ago. Guess I’m still feeling the aftermath of a 70.3, lol. Swim went okay, 15 sec faster than my self seed pace. Run also went okay with no cramping or issues, probably could have pushed harder but the legs weren’t obliged to help anymore.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a productive Sweet Spot ride but I might push that to Friday and just do easyish Endurance spin for an hour instead.

Home, showered. Now need food!

PS. Oh! I did get my 945 to capture the Power/Cadence data! But then forgot to hit LAP to end T-1 until I was over 2 miles down the road. Hahahahaha.


Man this workout suuuuucked. That one minute 115% interval is tough, but it doesn’t hurt as much as the 2 minute 110% interval that follows it.
I was feeling a full on “Nate” in that I was sure I was going to bail, but sucked it up and finished the first set. Maybe I’ll turn down the difficulty in this next set, but I finished it out too. The last two Over FTP intervals actually felt easier…I guess? There was no way I would have been able to finish another set though.


This was hard but not too bad. I’m building back up after having to drop my FTP by 20 watts after a few crappy life getting in the way weeks. Feeling stronger with every workout the past couple weeks and really happy with the way AT is adjusting as improve.


2nd ride of SSB MV 1 (after completing SSB I, II and SusPB MV)

Two 30m SS intervals, almost at the FTP AI thought* I should be at at the end of build :). Mains power failed from 12.30 to 20m on the second interval and that was sweaty misery without the fans (I have back up power for my kickr and computer thankfully)

  • revised with a ramp test since