What workout did you do today? (2022, part 1)

McGregor +1

Bridged the gaps (1-minute “rests”) to make this 3 x 21 @ SST.


Day One of Build. First Threshold workout for the season. First attempt at going hard since Covid.

It was a good workout. I have manually swapped the VO2 workout to the second half of build and chose this as the first workout as it was all just under FTP.

I marked it as “Hard”, because it was getting really a bit hard towards the end of the final block. I would have called it “moderate” otherwise, which is a bit weird because I was working pretty hard at ~320W and would say that was over MLSS. 12min intervals didn’t push me to the limit though. I pushed on for the last one to try and dial in my FTP since AI-FTPD hadn’t worked this morning unfortunately.

Weird HR response still. Spent a lot of time at what pre-Covid was my VO2 HR marker.

Good to have got through it.




Got my AI FTP, not bad, but inclined to just keep doing what i’m doing and try build on my recovery intervals and try build on interval lengths, but maybe increase by a few watts. Seems TR are beginning to think that way a bit now from recent posts? (My last Ramp Test was 258W and I think I could beat that now).

Might not be doing as much TR workouts now the weather is changing for the better.


Nice increase! I’ve always debated between raising FTP versus Time to Exhaustion (TTE). For me, being able to hold power for longer seems more beneficial for the fondos and solo long rides. Either way, congrats!


@rkoswald the biggest difference I’ve noticed is I’m quicker to get back on the gas after decent hills.


Did Nacimiento (6 x 2 x 124%) outside yesterday in the sunshine, highlight was a certain 34 time TdF Stage Winner whizzing down the hill towards me.

PS - it wasn’t the Belgian guy.


Felt a little better today after over a week off the bike (travel) and then struggling on Sunday doing an outside SS workout. I haven’t done any SS in quite a while, and I’m feeling it. I have more travel coming in a few weeks, so i declined adaptations to several future workouts that wanted to make intervals even harder.

Side note: I still think outdoor workouts are significantly harder than indoor. I realize I’m in the minority there.


This one made me so hungry! Weird.

Maybe it’s making me swole! :muscle:


Another week of distractions is past. Replaced the 2 year old chain before the workout, ran it through a wrong hole on the rear cage but fixed it after and no visible damage.even with the grinding sound for an hour. I think this is a taper week workout? B race Sunday with this and sweet spot on the menu for this week and next. I’ll go with it. :nerd_face:


Bashful +2

Still sore from Monday’s ride so I had some concerns about being able to finished. I needed the long warm up and went one interval at a time. Glad I started. More glad it’s done. The first and last sets were the toughest.


I rode Friday and didn’t get back on til yesterday morning. I thought that meant my legs would be nice and fresh, ha! That workout felt like my legs were super fatigued. I don’t get it. The Friday before I did a sweet spot workout where I skipped the rest interval, culminating in 46 minutes at the same intensity and was decently easy. But yesterday, on technically fresher legs, I couldn’t do 3x17mins intervals even close to the same RPE. I must have been living the good robot life before where I felt about where I should on any given workout based on intensity. Now I’m trying to work backward to see how to replicate how I felt a week and a half ago :expressionless:

And last little whiny thing: I rated this very hard and gave an answer why and it did not change my Thursday workout. It’s expecting me to go from SS 7.5 to SS 8.8?!?!? :tired_face:


Brasted +1

I failed badly, how is this possible for me. recovering briefly for only 15 seconds between repeats.


When the 1.5 minutes of sweetspot in the warmup has me begging for mercy, I know it’s going to be hard. I have no lungs but my legs feel great. It’d been 21 days since my last workout & I’m 24 out from what’s sure to be a debacle of pain & embarrassment at the Carrabassett Backcountry Challenge in Maine next month. It’s 100k which looks to be 2 laps & about 6600 feet of elevation gain. Despite not having had the gumption to do a proper workout recently, I’ve been riding my Vassago Mosseknuckle quite a bit & dialing in a nutrition plan. Also decided I’m going to run 32x20 for the effort. Doesn’t look like lots of flat so it shouldn’t be too spinny & this gear ratio should keep me on the bike for all but the steepest bits where I’ll have to hop off & push.


This looks like an awesome event. I might be an hour south that weekend but it is sold out. :frowning: Enjoy!

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It sold out pretty early this year. I’m pumped for it! My buddy & his wife have been doing it for a couple of years (he won the singlespeed category last year) & they love it. Maine is such a beautiful place, too. My grandfather had a cabin near Baxter State Park when I was a kid & now I try to spend as much time in & near Acadia National Park as I can.

My parents inherited a cabin on a lake in Franklin County. Gone there every summer except one. I’ve got some gravel wheels on order for my road bike so I can dabble in the dirt while up there this summer. Wouldn’t mind a dedicated gravel bike but don’t have much near where I live so it’s hard to justify.

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I’ve not been in that part of Maine but no doubt you’ll be fine on your road bike & different wheels on the gravel up there. I’d wager they’re logging roads & will be a blast!

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Round Bald, well 66% of Round Bald because it was freaking HOT.
IMAGE-1655916943242 (2)
And that was with two fans blowing on me too. I use my Garmin 1030 on the side to provide smart drink/eat during workouts and got TEN 100ml drink prompts during the hour. Yeah it was hot.


Hopefully the Garmin gave you heat acclimatization credit!

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