What workout did you do today? (2022, part 1)

First actual TR workout in 6+ months as I have been riding more outside since I got a mtb and just casually zwifting but getting in 8 hours avg this year so far.

Felt decent and used TrainNow. Kept my old ftp and only had to move it down 5% but could have got through it at 100%.


Thank you, @mcneese.chad!!!

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Tested Positive for Covid immediately after :man_facepalming:.

Hopefully it’s not long. Really struggling with how many workouts I’ve missed since Easter.

I’ve redone my Training Plan this morning (using a starting date two weeks later than original) which pushes out “Build” until mid June. Hopefully I can get in a week or two more of base riding again before then.


From Thursday. Missed some rides and AT actually recommended a Ramp Test! Instead I did the original workout.

Strength warmup. These actually felt good until the ramp down from the 3rd peak starting interval 2, that’s when the burn hit like a tidal wave. Held it together and finished, yay!

Easyish run tonight in our early May heat wave. Bleh. Bright side is we can call it Heat Adaptation Training. :wink:


I hope your symptoms are mild and that you recover quickly.

My training also seems to have also fallen off of a cliff since Easter - vacation then back-to-back weeks with business trips, a bunch of bike fit adjustments, and trainer power mysteriously lower than power meter (and the PM is right). I feel like I’ve been kicked all the way back to Base even though AI FTP Detection thinks my FTP is only down 2w. I feel like it’s down 15w. :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, I commiserate but hope you get better soon.



That’s not so good. I know you’ve been thinking wasn’t quite right. Was that your first test?

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I’ve don’t a dozen tests over the past three weeks. This is the first positive.

I guess I’ve just been battling something else.

I was starting to think I had it but wasn’t going to +ve given how long I was struggling.


Hope you are feeling better soon.


@liam_mail , interesting, me and my partner had something for a few weeks, I kept testing neg but she tested + after about 3 weeks.

Hope you get well soon :+1:


Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 6.05.45 PM

Just commuted last Friday. No lift. Saturday I alternated down from Temple (thresh 4.2, 90 minutes) to Columbine -1 (Thresh 4.1, 75 minutes, still productive) because it was 1515 in the afternoon after an absolutely full day of kids’ activities and I wasn’t motivated to turn the pedals for 90 minutes, so notching it down a time increment seemed easier at the time.

Had Collins +1 penciled in for Monday, but skipped for some reason. Can’t really remember why, now.

Bird completed. Add 5 minutes. Replaced “routine builder 75” with an outside search for mud and a reason to use my new HydroShot. It worked, for what it is, and I now know what it isn’t (a real power washer).

Truchas +1, add 4 minutes at 94% to the final interval, so it was 1x22, and 1x26 rather than 2x22…

Then rode the townie MTB I call “Nostalgia” to a haircut, which was desperately needed.

Only got two sets of squatting in, really light, but nice and deep so I’m ok with it.

Commuted in to work Friday AM. Long way home. No lift (keep them easy, right?).

Saturday (yesterday) no time to ride before 6pm… all day in the sun (soccer) and ice arenas (hockey) and behind the wheel chauffeuring…

Today I though about alternating the workout down, after dropping kids off an a Sunday AM birthday party… “Forget it, if I Fail, I fail.” Indianhouse -1, 3/x12 O/u, complete. Marked “hard” but waffled, because perceived exertion was way lower than I thought it would be. I chose not overthink it.

I’m in-office this week so I expect to commute most days, and have an assessment Tuesday (ramp currently, but might swap for 20 minute), Redondo -1 (SS 6.7, productive) and Warlow (Thresh/O/U 4.7) on Saturday.

I’m going to try to get a few more lifting sessions in this week, even if still stupid light and low volume, because I don’t want DOMS to make a comeback just because I’ve been too inconsistent.


Yesterday I set off to do 100 miles on my own. Got to 60ish and got a bit fed up and headed for home. Bumped into some guy’s I know en route who were out on a social and decided to stay out. I had 3 cafe stops and got stuck behind a road full of sheep for quite a while. I still had plenty in the tank at 60 miles. I tried to sit 4bpm under what Garmin has as my lactate threshold when solo, which I think gave me good pacing, albeit going above it at times/big climbs.

The most surprising thing was the lack of food I consumed, I didn’t really have an appetite at all.
180g of Maltodextrin in two bottles mixed with High5 electrolyte
3 tangerines
half a banana (couldn’t eat it all)
A cup of lentil soup
A bottle of Lucozade sport mixed into my bottles with water.

Big recovery drink and dinner when I got home and I feel quite normal today :grin:


With a .92IF over 3.5 hours I would want to quit too! :muscle:


I was a man on a mission :grin:


Stromlo +2 for me today - swapped it into my plan as I wanted a slightly higher TIZ at a slightly lower intensity.

Really hard day after TR AI increased my FTP again last week. I suspect its slightly over estimating and I was forced to dial it down a few % on the last rep and even take a quick pause. 5x8m @102% is a tough one anyway but with an FTP even a few watts too high I think its right on the border of doable. Still very pleased with 40 mins of hard threshold work and lots of time >90% vo2.

I would have dialled back my FTP slightly after today except AT has adapted the next session down, so I’ll go with that and see how AT responds to the issue. I had a really hard 80 mile ride on Saturday and could also have just been slightly fatigued as well, so lets see what happens.

Outside 3hr endurance with 3x20m tempo tomorrow and the weather looks good again :sunglasses:


This was a really hard half hour.

Great workout for when there isn’t much time.


Thanks for posting this one - need exactly that for one day next week - 30 mins before being dragged out early for the day…only issue will be the 10 hours on my feet afterwards :rofl: :man_shrugging:


First indoor workout for about a month. Id skipped a few before a solid week in the mountains and then had a recovery week scheduled I did outdoors. So when I ran AI FTP I was expecting it to go down but it went up again :scream: Anyway I had Briones tonight adapted into the plan (although Godhard is still there too :thinking:) It went quite smoothly until the 5th stepup interval when I didn’t quite have the step up required until the last minute when I dropped to the TT position and ignored the target. Its the most I’ve sweated for a while.:joy:


Back on the tb mv2 band wagon and relatively easy. Love me some TB plans.


I’ve found myself a weird kind of TR workout fetish. I like doing this 5x5 format. I seem to be slowly working through the catalogue :rofl:

Each one is hard enough to feel like I’ve done some work but not so hard that I’m gassed by the end. No idea if they are even productive anymore… I just like doing them :+1:


I don’t see the point in making an easy ride harder, when i want an easy ride, so I never bothered with the spikes.