What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

1x60 @ 90% in the drops (+45min Z2)

Weird how I developed SS-like muscular endurance by riding mostly not SS.


edit: HR for the interval was 76% HRmax w/ 5% “drift”.


Yeah, it’s pretty sweet how that works!


My opinion recently is in line with your observations - Z2 for the win. FTP would not budge at all but everything is better on the bike.


How many hours do you spend on the saddle each week?
Asking for a middle aged friend.

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Little aerobic work with heavy legs.


Right now, as much as I can…~12hr/wk. That’s down from ~20/wk second half of Dec. Trying to squeeze all the juice I can while I can, Mar-Jun are insane at work so hopefully I can glide through without too much damage.


Restarting SSBLV1 after a +11w bump from my latest ramp test. Figure if it’s working I’ll keep it going. Ericsson was pretty tough tonight but got through it. Those isolated leg drills always wear me down enough to make those intervals a challenge.



I was running discord video, doing Zwift and TR at the same time for a Zwift happy hour.

Some asked me why I was sweating so much… LOL! Ebbetts that’s why.

App froze around the 45 minute mark.


The longest I’ve sat on the trainer in quite some time. Watched a couple of Nates old race videos to pass the time.


This is the longest I’ve been on the bike since I got sciatica. And I was finding it funny about becoming aerodynamic. I was riding a recumbent which is inherently aero


More hard start SS intervals. The start is hard but the end is sweet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hunter. Felt like a solid ride that did. It certainly felt hard towards the second half of the final interval. 2 hours flew by. One thing I did notice was the recovery periods - whilst very welcomed, they were either slightly too long, or at too low a power, I haven’t decided. I felt when the next interval came around I was a little “disconnected” from the work ahead of me and the first few minutes of adjusting to the interval felt harder than it should of been.


Warren +1. 2:15 on the trainer felt pretty tough after the first 1:45.



I made a custom workout in the style of Polar Bear -3 and similar workouts. This was 2½ hours at 70-75% FTP. I plan to make more workouts like this to progress with.


Solid 5hrs today. 4 hours of intervals tomorrow :upside_down_face:


It was supposed to be Kaweah for me today but after a lot of rain overnight (and snow on the hills) I woke up to it being dry’ish so I went out decided though with all the flooding/ melting snow I didn’t want to be on the Threshold so I opted for the Endurance session Bays +1 and to stay in control. The forecast was for more rain so I didn’t expect to stay out long but the forecast was completely wrong and grey skies quickly became blue skies. I went towards the hills but it quickly turned white at the sides of the road and there was a lot of slush on them so I stayed on the A roads.



The Warmup
No biggy as is usual but I need to take a break already after the warmup. Not because it was hard but due to all the water and coffee I had earlier. Back on the bike and here we go.

Interval I
I should increase the power by 20% that was easy!

Interval II
Errrr, no – no power increase needed.

Interval III
Okay, – no power increase is definitely correct.

Interval IV
What will happen if I take a caffeine gel, listen to Iron Maiden’s Run to the Hills and execute standup drills – Maybe a 20% increase was feasible? However at the end I returned to the earlier conclusion that standing pat with default power is correct.

Interval V
Time to pray and be glad I did not listen to that foolishness about power increases! Time for a heroic march, posting up, and flipping off the workout that vanquished me last spring! I am now batting 667 against this particular workout. The last three minutes was hard.

Time for a recovery week and to start Sweet Spot Low Volume II. There is no doubt my threshold is bracketed by this workout, I am expecting my next ramp test to be stable if not bump up by about 3-5%. We will see!


Andrews - SSBMV last week. Quite a ride but a couple of David Attenborough documentaries helped through (though by the end I could not tell which animals he was talking about :sweat:).