What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

Had to knock off 10% to make this a sweet spot rather than threshold session :hot_face:


Taylor -2

I was pretty happy with that. To be honest I was not looking forward to 42 x 120% FTP repeats first thing this morning and being the first V02 workout in the SSBMV 2 plan I was psyching myself out a little but in the end the workout just seemed to come and go without any major difficulties. Again I chucked on another 30 mins Z2 at the end because I had the time.

By all accounts I will be back here in a week or so crying after doing Bluebells, Mills and then Spencer :smiley:


Yesterday was supposed to be the usual Pettit +1, which I rarely stick to. I waited until the kids were in bed, was feeling “lazy” and used the Kickr instead of the rollers. Loaded a route on Rouvy (for mileage credit!) and watched Back to the Future. Warmed up for 10min, then set the Kickr to 240 and just left it there. Went by pretty quick with a movie, have to do that more often.

Fang Mountain +1 is scheduled for today, that doesn’t look too bad though, looks easier than Carpathian Peak +1 from last week.


I have a feeling we all go through that at some point, I know I do. That feeling beforehand of being invincible, and then the “what have I done, just kill me now” feeling during and after the first set :rofl:


I’m sure I’ll do it again in a couple of months, I refuse to learn :sweat_smile:.


3rd VO2 of the week. Did this on mobile in ERG again as I’m struggling to get my work laptop’s BT and TR to play nicely together. Sadly this meant no hard starts again, although I did turn up the intensity on the first interval to ramp things up a little early.

Was pleased to do this one, as it’s one that I had unfinished business with from the summer (I only managed 5.5/8 intervals back in June and my FTP was set 25w lower back then). That’s most of the week’s hard work done and dusted. This workout is under-rated IMO - one of the hardest in the catalogue at around 0.99IF for over 60 mins.


Great effort there!
That’s one I’ll subconsciously remember to avoid😉


40 minute free ride effort.


Recovery period, day 4, session 3 was Brasstown…I feel like I eat so much more than I should during recovery periods but it never stops me from not :joy:


Striped +6 again, 3rd week in a row.

Like the previous times, backpedaled the recovery valleys. This time I bumped up intensity by 3%. This is one of those workouts where the desire to quit comes the moments right before each interval, but once the interval begins, it’s easy to push through 20 seconds of work.

Will probably take a rest week and continue for another 3 weeks, then switch to something else.


Goddard -4, then 15 minutes Z2.

The more and more I do this, the more and more I think accumulating extra time in Z2 in a somewhat fatigued state is the key (for me, anyway).


Climbing road race low volume day one in the bag


Mary Austin -1, while doing Tour de Zwift Stage 3 (Alpe du Zwift). Doing the two things that scare me on my trainer, at the same time. Pretty happy about how it went (except for the trainer just dropping off in the middle of the 5th set, requiring power cycling to return to life).

Ready for that famous last week of SSBLV2, the Spencer +2, Lamarck, Leconte sequence.


Dumpster Fire (aka Dicks +5)


Even my HRM gave up at times on this workout!

Really struggling with SusPB this go around. Looking back at my calendar, I did SSB-MV between SPB and SusPB. SSB-MV seems more like a build plan with at least one VO2 and one threshold workout per week. I think I’m getting burned out on intervals. Just need to survive another 1 1/2 weeks then recovery and a “real” base season.


Finished Fang Mountain +1 about an hour ago. Felt good after the first set, bumped it up to 104% for the second, and 105% for the third and fourth. The 6min recoveries felt way too low, I wish there would be a way to set a recovery % to use, I changed it to 130% during those. Rouvy course “Col du Pourtalet” worked out perfectly timewise, finished within ten seconds of the workout.


I modify all of the workouts in Workout Creator to add a longer, more gradual warmup and to increase the intensity during the recoveries (usually to around 65%) so that I don’t get too cold. Just have to be careful not to spend so much energy (not) recovering that you sacrifice the “work” intervals. I also shift out of erg mode to more easily change the recovery intensity. Not that this morning’s workout is a great example but you can see it right above your post. (FWIW, I don’t think recovering even at 40% would have saved me this morning.)


Finished Mary Austin -1 about an hour ago. To tired to post screen shot.
I’m not quite sure if I feel good about completing it with good compliance or still feel sorry for myself :rofl:


Week 5 of SSB HV1. Galena for the second time in three days. It felt quite hard on Tuesday, but really happy as it felt a lot easier tonight. HR 7-8 beats/min lower on average each rep. Rest week next week!


This gave me a stomach ache:

Actually, I was gasping for air so much that I couldn’t fuel mid ride, so I was ravenous this afternoon and ate everything in the world and now I have a stomach ache.

I need to learn to fuel mid ride better.


Antelope. I did the whole thing standing. Got tired of waiting and started sshv. 2021 is not stopping me