What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

Three Fools:

I am not sad to finish the last 3x30 of the block, and I swear if AT starts pitching these at me again in Build we’re gonna have an abrupt conversation.




Turned two of 15-minute intervals into sweet spot. Adding a little bit of intensity at the end of recovery week to get ready for the next half of GBMV.


Solo outdoors endurance ride in the books for today - out and back with a 3 minute stop in the middle to refill bottles





I submerged the tickr strap in salty water before riding today, no weird HR data. Had to curbside a friend in cardiology, showed him my recent data with low HRs/lag/lack of response and he suspected a measurement issue. I guess the brief run under the faucet wasn’t enough previously.



Gabb -1. This is one of those AT-served workouts that I saw get adapted, saw was “productive” and did not believe I would be able to complete without some reduction in intensity given previous workouts. But I actually did it and it was perfectly challenging.

Strategically, I knew if I made it through the sharp anaerobic efforts, I’d very much be able to do the last two intervals because that kind of thing is my strength. The weakness I was worried about were the 2-minute intervals at 128% in the middle of those sets, but I managed to do them both without issue! Found that if I bumped my cadence from 105 to 110, it made it possible. In previous attempts at similar power for a similar duration, my legs always gave out long before my heart, so upping the cadence to stress the heart rather than the legs was huge.

What a motivating feeling going into my final sweetspot workout before a recovery week next week.


1.5 hours outside today…2 stop signs


Look at the playground you have!! I’d love to have just one of those mountains :+1:


Red Lake +8 yesterday morning. Really happy to get this completed as prescribed. The last 2 mins of each intervals felt pretty tough, and despite being of lesser intensity, felt a step up from the hardest vo2max workout (Spencer +2) in SSBMV2 I have done prior.

Sun is shining this morning so going to head outside and try and replicate today’s planned workout - Round Bald - on HR alone…



So I went and tried to do Round Bald outside based on HR alone…it was meant to look like this…

And ended up looking like this…

Must try harder. It was all good going uphill on the first interval but the terrain got pretty rolling and didn’t suit intervals two and three so I pulled the plug and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. Turned into a bit of a kitchen sink ride. I think I will try and get Round Bald done tomorrow and shift some things around.


Yesterday’s Workout: Buffalo +2

A memorable session. Here you can see me dumping nervous tension into this workout. Prior to Buffalo +2, I took my LSAT exam, where the entire process lasted from 5:00AM – 12:00pm… You can sufficiently assume I enjoyed this ride more than my exam. This was the first time in a while where a TR session really helped me just relax. I needed that ride. With the exam still on my mind, I made a TR LSAT question:

“The conclusion of the workout can be properly drawn if which of the following is assumed? “

^ Please include this workout text lol

Today’s Workout: Round Bald +2

Felt good today and bumped up a few of the intervals. Overall a relatively standard session. Wishing you all happy and productive training ahead!



Nice week: Five rides and two gym sessions.

Today was just some LT1 as went long Friday and Saturday outside. Rain today though so back in the cave.

Completes Week 6 of the training plan and am doing well with compliance. Haven’t missed a ride yet and legs coming around.

p.s. I build my workouts with long periods at the end so if I want to pedal longer I just do so. This is a 90 min workout with an extra 30 min “just in case”.


It was supposed to be Tallac + 3 outdoors for me. But after blacking out yesterday after my wee c jab on Friday and given it was my first ride this year, I decided to go at a comfortable tempo.

It was too comfortable someone jumped on to my wheel. Not exactly what I wanted, some stranger hanging 6 inches off my wheel when I wanted to get used to the bars again :neutral_face:

I tried dropping the pace further and speed wobbles but 30min later he was still there. So I decided to go off track (turn right to lose him. Annoyingly that meant I’d be further from home than I wanted with a storm coming in.

As I approached the Old A1, usually a good spot for TT practice, the wind started to get up which left me rueing the decision to go right. Then as I got near to Peterborough the skies went black and the hail storm started.

I could barely feel my chemo damaged fingers when I got back to the flat but I was lucky. In the time I had a shower it had turned torrential.

Hopefully things will go better for my first club TT of the year and it just my body is still fighting this wee c jab :neutral_face:


Springer Mountain today…


Still tinkering, this one resulted in 17m43s at/above 90% HR Max

Thought about doing a KM ftp test because my xert TP is slipping down with polarized workouts but I’m not using FTP to set workout intensities… so more 30/15’s it was.


My first time doing an outdoor workout. The power is all over the place… but the interval averages are good!

I got a puncture during the last 8min interval… a bit frustrating but oh well…


Taku variant and 45 mins of yoga as a recover to my 20 mile trail run yesterday


Should have been Black Pine (I’m doing the 6wk POL MV plan) but there’s no outside version of it so subbed it for Sleeping Deer - https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/bobw/rides/107654853-sleeping-deer which is all but the same, 3min recoveries rather than 4min.

Was going OK until the start of the third interval when I cocked up the lap button presses and basically moved to the end of the workout! Since I was doing a hill rep and having done two intervals I knew where I had to ride to for each effort so did that for the third then used a neighbouring hill to get home. Target Watts for the intervals was 288W average, did 302W, 293W, 302W, 310W so not too shabby :grinning:

I’ve pushed all of the workouts on the plan outdoors, biggest problem is going to be finding somewhere to hold threshold for 16mins that isn’t a busy main road, all the other roads around here are too rolling to hold power.