What workout did you do today? (2021, part 1)

Those sprint efforts certainly woke me up :laughing:


Morning all… Echo was my workout of choice this morning 70-80% FTP and feeling good throughout.


Good God that looks brutal. I can’t believe you went back for seconds when you’d a perfectly good reason to quit😂. Fair play💪.


Had to skip this last night, so teed it up for this morning. Normally followed by a short brick, but I’m going to try to cram today’s workout (Eclipse) in later, so I reckon that’ll be plenty of work for today.


Not Pettit…


In early December I did two 40 minute assessments (What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2) - #3085 by trpnhntr) - TLDR version 359 and then 367 watts a week later

Since then I’ve done a block of polarized training (all intervals were short-shorts, so haven’t done a lick of threshold or any long duration intervals in nearly two months).

Re-did the 40 minute assessment today and averaged 367 again


0:00-10:00 - 361
10:00-20:00 - 363
20:00-30:00 - 370
30:00-40:00 - 373

Felt like I paced better than the second assessment, was a more even effort, although I was able to increase wattage a bit in the second half. Interesting to me how similar the efforts felt with nothing but the 30/15s for the six weeks in between

Hard to have any significant learnings when you test the same before and after. That said - I’m close to what my stable max FTP is (can get higher for peaks, but while training at this volume it rarely goes above the 360-370 range) so who knows


Raymond +7 outside. Nice day for it. Tough but doable. I can feel the fatigue building from this block.


Aah, the mighty Bear, or should I say, Bear -2 since I was forced to skip the last two, just as things were getting interesting.

I had a good start, spinning up the overs, recovering well on the unders. No reductions. Main lesson learned: decouple breathing to spin up, then synchronize exhales with pedal pushes to sprint finish. Recovery will come. The reward: Solid time @ VO2max HR zone by end of each 5 mins. Not as much as regular VO2max intervals, I feel, but the magic was happening.

The problem? I got a late start and Dinnertime intervened. Just when the intervals turned panting to drowning, the kids emerged from their lairs. I’m pretty sure I could have wrecked myself to finish, but well, not with such a critical audience. Such are the joys of apartment living :rofl::rofl:

This block’s anaerobic intervals have taxed my hamstrings. The back of my knee is sore. I need to adjust fit and maybe chill things out little. But,those intervals really weren’t as bad as they used to be. Progress!


Glassy - first time doing this tempo workout. Good way to end the training week - off to the slopes and snow now!


McAdie +1. Last workout of SSB1. It was rough, but felt good to complete it.


Andrews this AM on my first week of TBLV1, been selecting these slightly longer versions since I have the time. I need to change saddle on my trainer bike as I’m peeking at those 2+ hour sessions coming up and my current saddle isn’t cutting it.

After a bad road ride (drivers) yesterday and poor sleep last night this one felt harder than it should. Didn’t eat for the first hour but took a quick break 1hr in to get in a Clif Bar which helped lower RPE a bit. I got in all my planned work M-F this week so tomorrow I’ll take a day off even though I feel eager. And Sunday I’m either going to slot in more z2 time, or I may re-test as I feel I’d really like to track the effect of this Traditional Base experiment that I’m doing; last test wasn’t optimal.

If one of my main goals is to simply feel better both on and off the bike, this has been a success so far. Although our group had a bad experience on our ride yesterday (drivers) I felt fantastic. Almost as if I had that extra gear to work with. I’m looking forward seeing if my numbers increase as well, but so far I’m really loving this TBLV with extras. Learning from previous mistakes and trying to slowly increase my volume, hence the rest day tomorrow.


If you have any joy, let me know. I’ve had a few saddles which have been fine on the road, but they are a struggle on the trainer.

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Nice and stable outdoors effort :+1:

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Leconte. Couldn’t have prepared better for this. Felt in good shape, great night’s sleep, well fuelled, properly hydrated, yada yada yada… and it still beat me to a pulp by the end. Brute of a workout. Anyway, just two more hours of SS to go before recovery week.


I did a 4x15 minute version last week with the unders at 90%. That one was great and I felt it was a bit too easy. Dunno if I was just in a bad place last night or that 2% made it that much harder.


Boarstone today…


Today i did Stromlo +7 which is 6x8’ 102%.
In fact it was planned yesterday but i couldn’t finish it (failled on the second interval!) because of too much caloris deficit that i made the day before. And after this failure i ate enough and today i tried in on the road (outside). It felt easy and rpe was pretty good comparing with trainer. I did 8 minutes on the flat road so it was hard to keep instant watt (because of inclines sometimes).

Btw my ftp is 320w and i should have done those efforts 325w but because of the road i just tried to keep it around 95-105%.


Nice work! I can’t even imagine having an audience for Bear. That one is ugly! Lol. Good job doing much as you did!

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Not my finest work:

But to be fair, I tried to warm up with Detling -3 again and it was probably too much.

Got to find my go to warmup


I almost died, but I never quit. Lots of All Time power PR’s. Thanks for listening.