What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)

Today started perfect.
Conness +2 is exactly the kind of workout I wanted to do and I did it superbly. Tempo was no problem, intervals were a bit more tricky, but manageble.
Did it fasted, only some black coffee before and water between and boy, is breakfast going to taste sweet :smiley:


I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday and endurance left me questioning this morning’s workout.

Started off and the warm up felt ‘ok’. So I did the first interval. Not too bad. HR a little high but ‘ok’. Recovered nicely so, I cracked on.

Before I knew it, I’d got the work done. Not my best workout but, I proved to myself the power of my mind :+1:


I’ll hook one up when i’m in France and feed it over to you via a cable :joy: shouldn’t b too costly :crazy_face:

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Sounds very familiar.
And it was the reason I had to lower my initial FTP settings (overestimated during the ramp test).
Anyway, it does get better. Hang in there!!

Clark. Big stomps, old knees!


AM session - 3 hours Z2 - really tough after yesterday


My very first TT! Virtual, but I’ll take it.

This was a spontaneous decision made last night after chatting about TTs yesterday for a bit. It sounded fun…however, 15 minutes in that changed to dread. And with 4 minutes to the finish line, I was really huffing and puffing. I had to drop the watts just a tad to not die. So I did it right then, yeah?

Initially, I was expecting I would be able to hold like 5+ watts above threshold because it’s less than a 30 minute effort. But I didn’t consider that I didn’t taper into this and am training like usual. With that said, I feel holding threshold for over 25 minutes in the middle of a training block seems pretty awesome. Yeah, I’m going with that.


what it says on the tin


Did a second run through of a 40 minute assessment today.

Did the same last week and came out at 359 watts for 40 minutes, my averages then were as follows:

0:00-10:00 - 350
10:00-20:00 - 357
20:00-30:00 - 355
30:00-40:00 - 373

This week I did the following

0:00-10:00 - 355
10:00-20:00 - 362
20:00-30:00 - 366
30:00-40:00 - 384

Overall I’m pleased with the improvement, pacing was better, but still far from ideal. I probably should’ve increased a bit more for the 10-30 minute mark. I think there’s definitely another 3-4 watts out there at my current fitness level


Failed McAdie +1…
switched to McAdie…
failed again :angry:

Might have been underlying fatigue from all the snow shoveling and sledding with my 2 and 4 year old yesterday… or perhaps I just wasn’t motivated enough!

Either way, I made a deal with myself that if I fail even a single workout I have to repeat the entire week… :man_facepalming:

Looking forward to crushing McAdie +1 on Christmas!


They are some seriously impressive numbers!!! :muscle: :muscle:

Now is when you reveal you’re a 60kg climber :joy:

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Thanks, 76 kg this morning, if I was 60 kg I’d probably be taking calls from some low level teams

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Dunderberg-1 was in my diary but I had a 6h non stop drive so I put it back to today. I decided to give it a go today but back off a bit after an hour to save something for the weekend sessions. It also didn’t help I was in a temporary pain cave with one small fan and no immediate access to my laptop keyboard or food.


:musical_note: Won’t you take me to…Brasstown? :musical_note:


If that. Maybe some of those run of the mill club teams like Ineos or NL Jumbo :wink:

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And the PM session :+1:



Challenging but not that hard - a really good solid workout, I like Clark


I hate it when a perfectly good sweet spot interval:

is ruined by rush hour traffic!