What workout did you do today? (2020, part 2)


Beech today , recovery week !


Mokelumne +1:

My rear derailleur really dislikes my Suito right now, which I have discovered after trying to do these sprints in resistance mode and having an unnecessarily rough go because the chain refused to sit where I told it to sit. The whole bottom half (top half? bigger half?) of the cassette is basically unusable. More reasons to stay in Erg I guess :heart_eyes:


Angora for me. Hard! Glad I was able to finish it…


Fail at 20 mins test:

Many causes here: poor nutrition yesterday (massive caloric deficit, should have noticed earlier) and poor pacing being the main culprits.
Both those caused my head to just let go and crash, and burn :slight_smile:

Tempo/SS to still get some stimulus.

Will probably do a ramp test on Friday (only have a relatively easy SS workout tomorrow) then another attempt at the 20 mins on Sunday.
Let’s see how I feel by then :stuck_out_tongue:


IF 0.99 Yeah, I won’t be attempting this one in a hurry!


First day of my AL and it was forecast torrential in the afternoon with a storm being blown in by the strong wind. I don’t think I would have done a high intensity session outdoors with that forecast but a endurance session was in my calendar so I took it outdoors. It was just one lone zone 2 ride. Oh did I mention it was windy, I never had the speedometer displayed but I was 16mph out and 19.3mph back for circa a quarter of the power on the out leg :neutral_face:


Wright Peak -1 1/9th… so this ‘week’ (8 days it’s taken) of SSBMV2 has done for me. Going to take an extended recovery now before starting build after the holidays. I’m off to put ‘fresh legs’ on my Christmas list.


A little foreshadowing from last week. I said I didn’t want to make more workouts in my catalog and just used the 4 sets of O/Us with the intent of doing 3 sets. But last week I was a champion, and completed all 4! I think a few factors lead to me only completing 3 this week. I mean, this workout is harder with 2 under 2 over vs last week’s 2 under 1 over. I did Rockhouse over the weekend, and my god that was a very hard workout. And sleep being affected.

I now want to do the full 4 intervals and totally think I can when things align a little better. Probably next week!

Taking today off. I may do an easy ride after baby sleeps tonight but don’t want to affect tomorrow’s workout.


Kaweah +1 as a 90 min substitute for Donner in SSB2MV. Took in a pile of carbs (banana, 1.5 clifbloks sleeves and some skratch), but after struggling with the 10 minute intervals last week, felt good to knock down these 12 minute ones (lower RPE could be due to vo2 max intervals yesterday as well as acclimation to new ftp).

Seeing All Time x184 pleases me as well.


A SST recovery ride :wink: after SST O/Us yesterday and a longer SST session tomorrow. Basically doing SST til I can SST no more! PS - SST!


Very nice job! Did this one a couple weeks ago (only a few days after FTP test) and it was brutal!

I’ve basically been using SSLV as an outline/minimum required and adjusting workouts up depending on available time and feel. Fortunately I’ve been feeling great and have had time to mostly do +1 or +2 over prescribed along with aerobic in between and a 30 minute recovery spin every evening. I keep weekends off for family time and manage to cram ~600 TSS into M-F!

Today was supposed to be “Jepson” but there were no variants… when this happens I dig through the catalog and track down something similar but almost like what I would expect a +1 or +2 to be… this led me to “Trojan”, a sneaky beast of a workout.

I can tell you for sure that I’ll never complain about steady state Threshold workouts ever again! Those neuromuscular tags are insanely difficult as the work progresses!

I do have one bone to pick with @Nate_Pearson or @chad… it really hurt my heart/pride when the 95% moments were tagged as sweet spot! :joy: Those certainly didn’t feel like sweet spot!

Seriously though, I feel like I learned a lot from completing this beast and will definitely work it in again in the future as IMHO it is underutilized!


Chad’s workouts go to 11.


On the topic of fail…

Last week was a good old fashioned overload week, add several dashes of work stress, holiday shopping, Christmas card letter writing, and preparing to spend some time in the mountains :christmas_tree: :snowboarder: :snowman_with_snow: and that means I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

Yesterday’s indoor workout (recorded on Garmin 530, so TR thinks its outside):

After trying a short recovery and failing, pulled the plug and all I could think of was this song:

“I have never failed to fail
Heeeeeyyyyyy ey ey ey ey
Heeeeeyyyyyy ey ey ey ey
Heeeeeyyyyyy ey ey ey ey”

Embrace the fail :metal: You know you’re right.


This was my first attempt at Carpathian Peak + 2 last March


And this is Carpathian Peak +2 Today with my FTP about 10 pts higher. Yes, you can increase fitness after age 65


Congratulations!! Nice work!! Higher FTP too!


My husband asked me where all the pecan praline chex mix was. I responded “you know this is a build week!”


I’ve started counting down the prescribed workouts before my A race. It’s surprisingly motivating. Much like the people on this thread!

Only 209 to go! That number looks so small now.

I’m glad I went back to SSB1 MV for the silly season. The first few workouts seemed like a bit of a joke because my legs were fresh.
I’m very aware that this will not last.

PS: The Garmin Ant+ dongle came back from the dead with a little help. That means I get to spend my stupid tax on bike stuff right?