What workout did you do today? (2020, part 1)

Reinstein, as an outdoor workout:

Always seem to find that the RPE is much lower when doing threshold and over unders outside; a little harder to keep to the power numbers, but hopefully it gets most of the same benefits.


Galena +1 for me today. This was my first structured outdoor ride, as I just picked up both the Wahoo Elemnt Roam and Favero Assioma Duo. Really happy with how everything worked out! It brings me indescribable joy to play/train with all these instruments outdoors. At one point, I had the dumbest grin on my face.

Holding steady power without the aid of ERG is something I’ll need to work on.



After the last couple of workouts felt too easy… I added 10W to my FTP, in the full knowledge that the next ride would be a tester. It was, but I hung in there. I enjoyed this more than Tunemah last weekend despite the increased difficulty of this ride and the ++FTP. Probably because I fuelled properly; a bottle of Maurten 320, a banana, and an energy bar.

Antelope tomorrow. I might be a bit jaded.


That last interval got hard!


4x6’ hard start vo2max workout. Second time this week. I like to suffer :nauseated_face:https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/markbrouns#.XptfNrsvNUY.link


I re-took the 20min FTP test after a lot of consideration… And succeeded! A drop of only 5W was enough. It gives me a modest 2W FTP bump, but in terms of my confidence its massive. I’m going to sleep happy tonight.


Nice… well done! Glad you got it figured. 2W is 2W!

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Really didn’t know how that would go. Just had an ftp bump and hanging out around 300w for 8 minutes has always been a struggle. But no problems today. Had to take a pee break after the second one. Felt great once completed. Barely sweat and could have done more. These blocks perfectly mimic laps around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Around an 8 minute lap Adding that sprint in the beginning is ace too. Just hang in there until you come around then just hold it.


So I did Eclipse +3. I was riding on Zwift and after my workout I just kept going and ended up getting more additional TSS than the workout.
Todays accomplishments:

  • Zwift 100km challenge
  • Zwift mega pretzel route
  • Strave 100km April Challenge
  • Strave Apri Climbing Challenge

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 5.10.26 PM


Whorl for the second time this week.


I’ve gotten outdoors for long steady rides the last couple days. As much as I miss riding with friends, I’m really enjoying the saddle time and feel like it’s high quality base training. I normally do a long ride once a week, but I’m going to try to get 2 in each week for the next couple months.


Agazzi followed up with a 32m h/cap on Zwift Richmond UCI Course

Zwift Richmond UCI Course



Looong time to be on the trainer, but was good to finish of SSB II with a long ride. Recovery day and then onto Ramp Test


Spring Chicken digital - traditionally the local race opener, but with the rona situation, it moved to digital. 12th place overall, 2nd place for Manitoba. I still feel I will get destroyed if and when outside resumes, but I’m beyond thrilled with the result.

I have now been gotten great results in all 3 races: 10/35, 5/20, 12/69 (note, RGT does not seem to count DNFs that I can tell). 241W average for 1:26, where my last ramp test 4 weeks ago was 246W. Definitely happy with the progress!


Milan - San Remo Virtual

Well, it’s the first time I attempt something like this.
It didn’t end well. I just can’t produce enough watts sustainably on the climbs. I run out of gear and I still have to push 240W, which is WAAAAAY above my FTP.
All things considering, I think I gave it a good shot, and even though I was a bit deflated when I finished, i’m now pumped up to go into recovery, retest, and take it to the next level.
After build phase, I’m doing the Ronde! Bring it on!


Got up at 5 am and did the uberpretzel (zwift)=


Eclipse yesterday, It felt better than expected. I have been struggling balancing training with work (not complaining grateful to be working).


Had Table Rock yesterday (60 mins with 2 x 15 min @ 85%)
Got on RGT and did the Table Rock session up Cap Formentor then rode back at Z2 adding another 15 min @ 85% up the last climb.

2hr total. 107TSS


Wright Peak -1 with @admigo, @paulgrav, @Mark0930 & I think Tom (my audio wasn’t so good).
It was a real boost having a group session to help us all through this one; 90 mins of sweetspot nailed - well done guys!


I’ve done mostly zone 2 for the last 6 months, so I decided to ease into some SS today with Carson.

I think it went ok, considering. My power wasn’t super consistent and I couldn’t keep my cadence as high as was suggested, so that’s something for me to work on I guess.