What workout did you do today? (2020, part 1)

Two words to describe this workout “simply brutal”.

First time I’ve ever done VO2 Max O/U’s, engine was just about under the red line but the muscles simply didn’t have anything left.

Had to take a 30 sec break in interval 4 and 1 min break in interval 5 to get the session done at 100%, but all in all I was reasonably pleased I made it deep into INT 4 before the legs said no, for a first attempt.


Antelope +5 seems to be my normal Sunday ride. 651 tss for the week so I’ll take it


Kaweah… Unfortunately, I was not able to finish… The new FTP, not enough recovery from an intense Saturday. It’s just not my day.

I don’t feel like reducing the workout % to finish the workout. I will just give it another shot in the next few days to see how it goes.


80 days in a row today - the streak is alive…

Bit too wet to ride trails as is normal weekend practice so did custom workout 5 x 15 min intervals at VT1 (180w)


Antelope +2… all the intervals in the drops… felt pretty good, until the last one… :wink:



Nate said on the podcast that if you have a long target event, the long Z2 rides listed as alternates for weekend sweet spot rides are actually better, so I subbed this one for Hunter. Continuing to fiddle with intensity and heart rate, cough seems to finally be gone. Might do another ramp on Tuesday.

The saddle on my trainer bike is definitely not up to rides this long. Yeowch.


Tallac +3 for me to end the week. Tough towards the end, but ok. Two weeks to go, and then off to Lanzarote for two weeks, and hopefully lots of outdoor riding in the sunny weather to come. :+1:


Tallac +3 here too. Last 2 intervals were fairly tough after a bit of travelling over the weekend (straight after MA), not to mention this was fuelled on a McDonald’s for lunch :flushed:


Clarence King -1

Back pain worse on trainer today and last interval left knee started aching. Only had breakfast before this late afternoon session so fuelling not good ether. Regardless of struggles I completed the duration and some vo2 max in there somewhere!


I away on business for the first time in a while so brought my bike and Feedback Omnium to the hotel.

Tried to do Clark -1 this afternoon but the heat build up felt awful compared to when I train at home (even with a fan on). I bailed out and called it quits after 35 mins.

At home I have an Elite Direto and haven’t failed a workout like for a long time. I did Baxter -2, Baird and Tallac -1 on the Direto this week without a problem.

Has anyone else felt this when doing a workout in a hotel? I’m thinking I might be better travelling with the Direto over the Omnium in future

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A light one today. Tired starting and getting on the bike wasn’t easy. The work itself wasnt so bad (naturally enough looking at it). Now officially into a recovery week so a chance to feel a bit less tired and get ready for the next ramp.


Tallac +3 as well. Run afterwards.


Maybe the ftps are different based in the trainer. That would be my guess first.

Would that still be a thing if I’m using the same power meter?

If using powermatch probably not. Thought you said you were using 2 different trainers which is why I commented.

Should have done Mary Austin -1, but short on time did -2. Managed to turn it up a bit - feeling strong after a big lunch (no booze).

Coach Chad instructed: ‘change the nature of your relationship with suffering’. Yup that’s Mary Austin in all variants.


3x20min efforts I love these. As much as the hurt I know they deliver.


Ready for that rest day tomorrow.


I see there is a thread about over-unders being really hard. I find that those ones aren’t very tough. It is the workout the following day that sucks the most because of the fatigue you bring into it from the over-unders. Such was the case with Eclipse today. In a vacuum, this is one of my favorite workouts, but with the fatigue of 5 weeks of SSBMVI it was a real test of will and discipline to not only get on the bike but to finish without any back pedals.


Ochoco (2h30 at 0.69 IF) felt tougher than I expected. Maybe it’s because of

  • yesterday’s long run still in my legs or
  • i did it a bit harder 0.73 IF instead 0.69
  • the long time in the cold garage listening to podcasts. I know the same ride outside would have felt easy.