What workout did you do today? (2018/2019)

Finished Palisade (the final 90-minute workout before taper week in SSB LV1). Over-under intervals 1 and 4 were done at 95% intensity. Hard to tell which hurt more in the end - my legs or my butt.


6 hours of Bandeira. I’m fried.




Just finished Round Bald. Did this one lower cadence than normal. First interval I did part of with a low cadence, decided it felt fine, and did the other two staying low cadence the whole way through.

Ride was easier than I thought it would be. Fatigue was just starting to creep in on the last interval, but finished up pretty strong overall.


Getting into the VO2max end of SSBv2 and a 1.5km swim :swimming_man:‍♂ today. Run tomorrow.


Taylor -2. Literally no idea what to make of this.

It was my first VO2max workout so was expecting the work to get hard during the sets. Except it never really did. During the first 2 sets HR never went much over 160bpm even when going above target power (my max during the ramp test a week ago was 193). Breathing was never laboured. Certainly was not anywhere near my VO2max.

Maybe it will be hard during the final set? Not really. Ramped up the power to 105% half way through - no, still ok. The final 30 sec work interval I averaged 406 vs original target of 321. Only then did it start to feel hard.

Does this indicate that my FTP is a very low %age of my VO2max? What to do about that? Increase difficulty of next week’s VO2max workout I guess. Anything else?


Try to get your cadence up to 100rpm or higher and keep it there even during the rest intervals. Actually, I find it both natural and easier to just stay at 100rpm during the rest interval. You can also increase the power a few %. Both of the aforementioned should help to raise your HR. You can also pick a harder workout from the Taylor series.

Personally, with microburst or 30/30s I have to do them at much higher wattage and/ with longer sets (15-20min) to get my HR up. If i am doing 3min or 5min, the HR comes up much easier.

Three ways I’d look at this myself

  1. FTP is too low, time for a ramp evaluation.
  2. Maybe you are good at VO2max workouts and need to increase ftp for these types of workouts
  3. Workout isn’t designed to put you at your limit.

Personally I like it when I hit a workout and haven’t been pushed to the limit. There are plenty of workouts that do that but when you get one that doesn’t I accept the rest knowing that something harder could be around the corner.

If I was to continually get easy workouts then I would reevaluated with a ramp test.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest these.

Maybe, but I don’t think so. I did a ramp last week, which gave me a 5W bump. At the time it felt about right, as I had done Palisade about a week previous and definitely felt like the overs were over and the unders were under. I also saw my max cycling HR ever (193 - previous was 186) during this ramp.

Yes, this seems quite likely although as I said, I’ve only got this one single VO2 workout to go on. Next week, Bluebell, is 1 min on, 1 min off, but I’ll adjust the intensity upwards from the get-go just to see if I can at least elicit VO2max at some point during the workout.

Quite likely - it’s supposed to be an introduction to VO2 work anyway. But having said that, if it doesn’t actually get me up to VO2max, it’s more “here’s the effort level you’ll eventually work out for 3-4 mins in order to reach VO2max” whereas I was expecting “here’s a workout that’s still going to get you to VO2max eventually, but you get lost of microrest on the way to make it more manageable”

In any case, I was expecting a hard workout this morning but didn’t get one :smile: - I’m sure there’s plenty of work around the corner to beat me up.

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Thanks - with only 30 sec rest intervals I was focusing on dropping the resistance on my dumb trainer etc and getting ready to increase it again. I could have changed gears also, to keep cadence elevated, but didn’t think of that. Something to try next week for sure.

Last day of recovery week. Capped it off with a 20min brick run. Tomorrow starts half distance tri LV base>build>specialty. I’m ready to get into it.

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I felt the same way when I did Taylor -2 a little while back. IMO, it’s just a surprisingly easy workout. I think the intention is for it to be an introduction to working at 120%, without punching you in the face like normal VO2max work does.

IMO, either the rest needs to be shorter, or the power higher. As it is, in order to get anywhere near VO2max, I had to keep increasing power until it actually got hard. For reference, I normally struggle with VO2max work. So when this was easy, it really seemed like something was off.


As I mentioned previously this was my first introduction to so-called “VO2max” workouts - to be honest seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

With more experience I would have ramped up sooner, rather than waiting for something to happen which never did :slight_smile: Oh well, you live and learn.

Did a 90 minute run yesterday. Conversation pace with a buddy of mine for the first half. The rest with Max the wonder dog.

Then the beginning of Week 3’s intervals from short power build. This one is now in the bag. had some fatigue in the legs, but was able to hit most of the power targets. Any misses from the power targets were from mental lapses, as these interval designs really keep you on your toes.


Bashful +1… now we’re cookin’ with gas. Erg mode/PowerMatch lagged 1:00 interval avg power by 1-2%, dialed up the final set to 102%. May try resistance mode next go.

Also played with gearing: first set in 39 chainring; first two intervals of second set in the 53; rest in the 39. 39 definitely the way to go for better power compliance on these, IMO.

Note: If you’re sleepy because of babies, VO2max work is just the ticket to wake your ass right up.


Bashful +1 for me as well. Definitely the last interval was going to be the last one.


Agreed. I was either done, or I was going to fall off the bike, hit my head on my crankarm, and knock myself silly. Either way…


Two things to add here, because I felt exactly the same was as you about that workout. I did Taylor rather than Taylor -2 on that week, and was able to get through all the sets at power target and I ramped up the power halfway through the last set. I could have ramped up earlier in the workout still, but wasn’t sure what to expect… probably much like you felt with -2.

If you have the time, you might want to consider Bluebell +2 rather than the standard Bluebell version OR something to prep you for Mills and Spencer +2 that are upcoming in the plan. For Mills, I swapped it out for Mills +3 and tried to hold power straight through each interval rather than the slow decline (I couldn’t, easily). Spencer +2 was really hard for me, like really really hard to hold target power for that long.
I feel like Taylor and Bluebell don’t prep you for staying minutes at that power target… unless you’re exceptionally good at holding VO2 for longer durations, I had to work up to it.

Hope you don’t mind the unsolicited advice lol.

Had to quit this yesterday after the first interval because my head just wasn’t in it. Spanish needles destroying my legs the previous day didn’t help. Grateful to have completed it this morning before work


Richardson +4

I wanted to finish it but it felt too hard given that I’m going mountain biking all day tomorrow. Sacrifice a bit today to have some legs that at least vaguely with tomorrow…