What type of workouts to add to a low volume plan during COVID-19 quarantine?

Hello, now that we are in quarantine, what type of workouts should I add to my low volume plan without affecting the structure of my plan? Is my aproach ok of just adding recovery workouts like lazy mountain, Taku, etc? I plan to make 2-3 additional workouts per week, but expect to get back to the 3 rides/week when everything gets back to normla. Right now I am sweet spot base 2 plan right now. Will get into sustained power build in may.

Totally ok. Go with endurance unless you feel to tired. Just Lazy Mountain May even be nice if you’ve had a hard day before.

If you manage rhis well, you can add a second harder weekend ride for example long endurance (outside of a option, for motivation) Or a sweet spot ride.

Look at the MV plan for inspiration :wink:

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I think low-intensity Z2 workouts will suit for you. I was in a similar situation several weeks ago. I ended up just switching from LV to MV. Alternatively, I will say maybe add another LV plan from Traditional Base plan and ignore the its first workout every week as it normally is a VO2MAX high intensity workout. This comes to 5 total workouts (3 from LV SSB, 2 endurance workout from LV Traditional).

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