What to do with an old, inaccurate trainer [Wahoo Kickr]?

I just replaced my Gen 1 Kickr as it became too inaccurate; every now and again recorded power output that was much higher than reality, and generally flattered me most of the time. I went through regular calibrations and also the factory [I think thats what you call it] calibration but it was never stable for very long. Its the model with a strain gauge - I never fiddled with this so I don’t know if there is a route to functionality again. So what to do with an old trainer?

  1. Sell it on ebay for those who want to improve their race results on Zwift?
  2. Sell as spares/ repair?
  3. Take it to recycling and throw it in the metal container?

Pains me to just throw it away. What have you done in the past?

Buy a power meter and run the trainer for erg

*If you don’t already own a PM - its great to use the same PM for inside and outside.


I’d say sell it and disclose the issue, It sounds like it would work just fine for someone with a power meter. They’d get a deal and you’d get some money back out of it


If you need dual recording you can run 2 power meters on the bike even.

Already bought the Saris H3 so its got to go. I can run it with Garmin pedals no problem, so somebody could definitely do that if they were so inclined. I did not want to have to change pedals every time I ride the trainer, so chose not to go down that road.

Thanks for pointing out it can still be used with power meter. I’ve advertised FOC on my local club Whatsapp. Will see if I get any takers.

Already gone - thanks all!

Use it as a wheel truing stand and learn how to build wheels.