What to do when the year hasn't gone to plan

I may be over egging this a little as I do tend to bounce back ok but this year compared to 2020 has been a real mishmash, whether it be turbo’s (plural) failing causing missed time, or illnesses that have kept me off the bike I now find myself 25% down on time compared to last year and currently shaking off another cold (and mild effects of Covid Jab on Saturday).

We are now in April and I feel like my hard earned base phase from October to early Jan is failing.

14/1 - Turbo failed (Jet Fluid pro, but was using stages PM)
15/1 - No coach
26/1 - KICKR Core - New FTP 333W (351w 20 minutes) - A bit optimistic
31/1 - Still in good shape
6/2 - Still doing ok
15/2 - 20/2 - Core failed - No turbo
22/2 - KICKR arrives
24/2 - KICKR Ramp test - 307W. Seemed about right from how I feel and where I was
22/2 - 1/3 - Both good weeks
10/3 - Sick until 18/3 (easy ride)
30/3 - Rode outside, felt ok despite sore throat over weekend
1/4 - not feeling good, cold etc
3/4 - covid jab
6/4 - Still feeling tired

How do people tend to get back up to speed? I feel like I should do some real easy rides for a week then progress to Tempo and gauge the reaction before pushing on a bit and doing another FTP test to survey the damage. What I don’t want to do is get to a level and then find myself stuck there until November.

I am wondering if a polarised phase might a good option here. This will allow me to ride easy, developing my engine but also allow me to have some fun outdoors with some harder efforts.

Interested in how people have approached getting back on track.

What about trying to make the rides as enjoyable as possible?
Insted of following a rigid plan…
maybe pick for the day?
If feeling well, maybe a v02 session… if not feeling great a tempo or endurance ride.

Sometimes we forget the whole point of this is to have fun!
and doing something because we “need to” or feel “obligated” because of a plan is not fun!

get better soon!

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100% - I have switched my ethos since the start of the year to doing just that, I have even sold my power meter and will be focusing on riding rather than training but just feel like a bit of structure might help to begin with longer term.

I may just focus on time on the bike, that will likely yield as much benefit anyway!. WIN WIN!

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