What PR did you hit today?

Decided to sign up for one final race in 2020 and opted to assess “where I am” before getting started.

I guess this works!


Training has been going really well this year.

Started cycling properly this season with and just hit a new 4min pb of 400w at the end of a hard ride.

Putting in 7000 miles really did pay off :grin:


Great work. I’m sitting around 6,000 for the year and the added volume really does make a difference. Congrats!

Finally went over 20mph average for 100 miles solo. Set new 2.5-5 hour power records. NP of 250 for 5 hours.


That’s awesome especially with 5,000 feet of climbing in the mix. Great accomplishment and motivational for me to try myself with a similar level of vert. Congrats!


1m @ 868W @ 82kg! Stoked!


I think it would be easier to make 82kg a goal than 1 minute at 868 watts for me. That’s beastly, congrats!


Every power PR from 3 to 13s while covering a local Cat 1’s attack on a riser. Perhaps I don’t lack the sprint power I’ve always kind of just assumed I did?


Perhaps you just haven’t trained that part of the power curve as much? Genetics and biology do set some boundaries, but largely it’s true that “we are what we repeatedly do.”


Most likely a couple of factors in play: coming from triathlon, I never sprinted much until a couple of years ago; I had a nasty crash in a sprint about 9 years ago that I haven’t mentally overcome completely, so I tend to execute tactics to avoid a bunch sprint; I also don’t fully train my sprint much outdoors as mentioned.

I’ve already identified it as something I am going to conquer next season. Between that and improving my cornering, I think those are my best bets to improve my racing.

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We actually got to do a TT down in Texas. Missed the podium by ~4 minutes by set power PBs from 22 minutes to 1:09, so that’s not too bad. Also paced it about as well I could have.


Nice work :muscle:

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This is one huge effort. Congratulations on the pacing because like you said it looks perfect.

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PB’d a 25mile TT by 44secs with a 1.01.28. I suspected I would though as my previous PB was in the middle of my Chemo with a severely bruised wrist.
I was really wanting to go under the hour though but d@mm I messed up the start. With my nerve damage to my feet I took ages to clip in again :roll_eyes: and missed the over bridge which was a signal to turn left. I actually turned left but I got halfway up and doubt crept in. I saw no o’bridge, no sign, no marshal. So I doubled back and turned left but that road looked the same and I paused. Thankfully I did I looked back and saw the OB and my minute man slowing for the turn. Gave way to him and an equally lost car going in circles and started.
Got a series of close passes so when the road went cr@p I sat up a bit so I wouldn’t swerve out. Never did :rofl: My Garmin says I did a 1h0m20s for the last 25 but my OT is 1h1min 28s. Which included giving way to the lost car. So its definitely there.

Came back and got a leisure ride in another ride to enjoy the warmth :sun_with_face: it was just a comfortable zone 2 and no PBs though :rofl:


This Z6 training seems to be paying off – 1min power up 15%! :exploding_head:
But gosh darn it’s haaaard!

Two weeks ago:

One week ago:

This week:
New all-time 50s to 1:30m power PRs.


This is how I imagine your recent results across zones:


From last weekend.

The numbers include stops I think, as the power numbers look higher elsewhere. On the recent one, it was solo, and I just stopped for a pee a couple of times and grab a minute’s breather at the same time. The middle one was a 100 mile event with 2 food stops. The older one was from what felt like a brutally hard group ride (at the time) with cafe stop.


First race ever last weekend.
Quite a few power PRs, but the most remarkable was my 40k: 1:08, down from 1:22!


If only it was THAT effortless! :tired_face::rofl:

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Awesome!! Any details?