What PR did you hit today?

Don’t worry my cda is trash :grin:


It is over 9W/kg for 1 minute, and you were expecting much higher?

Yes, I don’t know why I thought it would be higher. You are right, it’s a great number.


Depends on the profile/phenotype. If they are a TT’er, that ratio would make sense. If they are a general rider, then the ratio would be pretty low.

With that said, I rarely see anyone put up their best 1’ numbers on a trainer. Usually a good descent run in leading into a 2 minute hill is the best way to max out that number.


Not really. For a general rider (all-rounder) it is actually pretty spot on the same level — as shown in the table above.
Also, since the table is based on all cyclists, including track sprinters, Roadies are usually lower in the shorter efforts…

Without the other numbers, kind of impossible to say. Could be an upslope from left to right like a TT, could be horizontal.

My WKO5 phenotype swaps between TT and all-rounder and i’m 20/10.5/6.5/4.7 on this chart so perhaps I’m just used to my own ratios.

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Exactly my thinking. Thanks for clearing it up.

How is it going to be a real upslope, if 1 min and 1hr are on about the same (relative) Level.

I really don’t see how your profile (that is absolutely crazy good) can be a TTlers profile. FTP is your (relative) worst category, which is the opposite of TT…

Entering these numbers gave me a rider type: “pursuiter”.

Also, do you happen to compete
at domestic pro level or something? Your numbers are through the roof.

a low sprint with a 1 minute power that is lower bracketwise than FTP (especially if FTP is established by a long duration test) would be indicative of a TT profile.

These should tell the better story of why I ride the line between all-rounder and TT. The difference makers were when my 5s moved up 50w and the 1’ moved up 20w which put me into the AR category. Something to note is that these are based on the model derived PD curve, rather than the MMP numbers



As you can see in the first chart, there is a low sprint and an upsloping/flat level.

No, I’m just a mid-30s working stiff who races MTB for fun. I had a good year of training due to lockdowns, so I had some solid numbers, even though there hasnt really been much racing.

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Well, I still don‘t think you have a TTers profile, but don‘t think it is relevant really. Your shorter effort numbers (up to 5 minutes) are extremely strong.

@stevemz @Aeroiseverything You guys are depressing us, mere mortals:)

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We all have someone who depresses us. Even Rohan Dennis has Fillipo Ganna.


Rohan Dennis was a world champion - it is enough :] you are talking to a guy who is true TTer phenotype without power to be a TTer and with CdA similar to a sack of potatoes ;D

And to be serious - you both put amazing numbers and it is very motivating when you see them. Maybe they will be never achievable but I find it a lot more inspiring than looking at the pros.

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Both are areas to improve upon, and especially that CdA is actually rather easy to get Down.
Thanks for the kind words, strokes the ego well :sweat_smile:

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First crack at the 40k TT distance (today was 42km) on the final day of the half-distance high volume base plan. Looking forward to seeing what my fitness is like after build!



After increasing my FTP last week after my big (virtual) climb day - I now need to increase it again.
Another session of all time PRs :smile:


5 min test out of the blue to feed WKO PdC. New PR and improvement of 16W without touching any higher intensity efforts recently. Can we call it 400W? :wink:


I did a testing week last week and I hit these lifetime PRs:
1min @ 738
5min @ 455
20min @ 355
These were my first ever indoor 1 & 5 minute tests as well as my first 20-minute test since 2017.


I set a new PR today for total number of TR workouts completed.

I plan on beating that record tomorrow as well.