What new to me road bike

So I mainly mtb, have tried the gravel route but the gravel by me is so blown out I would rather ride my mtb on it. These are also shorter roads, say a 40 mile ride maybe 15 would be on gravel. Anyway, I am looking at some used road bikes to mainly work on building my endurance, to many short punchy climbs here to keep my hear rate down on rides. There is a specialized SL5 and SL6 for sale by me. The SL6 has the shimano 105 group set, its the sport model, with upgrade roval carbon wheels. The SL5 has full ultegra R8000 group with Hunt 4050 carbon wheels. I can maybe get the SL5, $500 cheaper. I know this is a “race” bike but I think it maybe fine for 3-4hr endurance rides and maybe some faster group rides? I really don’t want to spend more than $3k since its mainly going to be just a training bike. Thanks for the help!

Endurance vs race geo is mostly about how flexible you are. I am way more comfortable stretched out and low, higher geo drives my shoulders crazy.

What gen is the 105? R7000 should be every bit as good as R8000, just 300 grams heavier.

I’d get which ever that can be set up tubeless with the least effort…

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It is the R7000 group on the SL6. The Rovals are taped from what I have read.