What Midwest Area Events you are excited in 2022?

That was also this years Barry 100. I ended up replacing a whole bike

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There are some rough and rocky sections that I would not consider technical, I know some non mountain bikers have struggled with it. They beat me up last year because I had my fat bike tires at 15psi which road like basketballs. If you can’t get into a group that is working together it can be a long day of grinding away.

It is not an exceedingly hard race, but the climbing slowly catches up to you, I spent a long time with a guy from Denver that was suffering and he was flummoxed as to why he was suffering so bad. There are plenty of long false flats at 1 or 2 percent that slowly eat away at your legs.

It really is a gravel race with some long chunks that would suck on a gravel bike.


they should move that event to the fall

I’ve done the 99er and wouldn’t recommend a gravel bike, it’s too rocky for that in many, many spots. When you hit gravel, it’s a blessing. Thankfully the snowmobile trails aren’t sandy, they’re pretty rocky and overgrown. There were a couple wet, muddy beaver dam crossings the year I did it. The singletrack at the end isn’t technical and is pretty fun. With good weather you could get through it fast. Just be wary that you will be tired of hills at the end, and they throw in some doozies just at the finish.

Sounds like there is the possibility of a route change at Lutsen. Makes it sound more like what Chequamegon is maybe?

While these are not finalized, our Life Time team wanted to give you ample time to wrap your mind around possible changes. Most importantly, we feel this will make the 25er and 49er more difficult. While the mileage of these races would be about the same, both courses would have sections of snowmobile trail/rustic trail (bumpy, likely wet in some areas) and more singletrack. While in the past some of you zoomed these courses on gravel bikes, you may find that not to be the best choice this year with these changes.


It is not technical at all. Also not sandy. It runs decently fast with warm weather. I would recommend looking up some finishing times in years past. Given the flooding this year, my guess is we are going to be in for a wet and muddy ride. I think historically a wet route adds about an hour to the winning times.

It is oddly enough the opposite of this (at least for the 99er). The people who win are on mountain bikes. The people on gravel bikes are the ones just trying to finish. If you are doing the 99er, I would 100% recommend a mountain bike. I specifically bought a trek supercaliber for this race after being on a salsa cutthroat last year.

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Ack…my fingers got ahead of my brain. That should have read “but probably NOT at the pointy end”.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the catch. I’ll go back and edit the post.

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Well this just happened


I saw that yesterday. I’m planning on riding the 49er on my fat bike, but had already committed to “party pace” with a friend (no intentions of racing). Should make for a fun morning!


i’ll pick my distance after coast to coast but i’m probably going to HAVE to do this given its in the home state.


There is also the Black Chili XC race.

I like it - reminds me of the days when there was a cross race around iceman …

Just want to see some course maps!

I am signed up and have housing for this already

This is my new “A” race for the year. So pumped.

Already registered for the Wafer. Stoked🤘


Welp…The Karst Chrusher in IN was a bust for me. Rear tire was going soft @ mile 3 and then I stopped right when we got to the single track at mile 5 to fix it. Two bad tubes later and my day was done.

Oh, and I apparently damaged my rim too, but it looks like it is only the cosmetic layer on top. :woozy_face: (picture makes it look like the whole rim is cracked….it isn’t)

That sucks

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Looks like it is going to be a wet and muddy one Saturday in Lutsen……

Good luck to everyone doing the Coast-to-Coast today … stop by this thread and let us know how it went🤘


Dnfd at 96 miles. It was hot, but what really got me is a hurt Achilles and arthritis. Sucked. Not happy. But oh well

Was in the front group till check point 1 (60 miles ) made a real quick stop. Sprinted onto some groups, ate bacon, lights went out around 63.

Ate straight salt and skittles. Got a second wind that lasted till 85+, then called my partner for the ride. Soft pedal and stopped for a bit till she showed.

Seems I’m not the only one to pull out around checkpoint 2 (109)

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C2C is not a gravel race. It is not an enjoyable race and I do not recommend it after attempting it