What metrics/values do you use to assess whether you are beginner, advanced, or expert?

Greetings TrainerRoad Community,

I was reading this support article about not having enough time to follow a full training plan and it’s basically saying that trade offs in base/build/specialty phases is based on down whether the athlete is a beginner, advanced or expert: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005927423-Not-Enough-Time-

Curious to know what metrics/values we should be looking at to assess such a range?

I keep coming back at Chronic Training Load to assess athlete level.


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I assume you’re asking in the context of creating a plan using Plan Builder. As best I can tell PB will give you more base training if you select Beginner and less base training for Expert, with Advanced in the middle. More base training means less build and specialty for the same plan duration.

I’ve used all of them depending on where I am in the season. For example, I took a proper off season with weight lifting following a FasCat plan which was basically traditional base. I then built a TR plan using PB and selected beginner since I had a long time to my first A event. It gave me SSB I and II, then build.

Life happened and I ended up not doing my A event, so I built a new plan in PB for the rest of the summer / fall and selected Advanced or Expert to get relatively little base and much more time in build and specialty since I already had a lot of fitness.

Anyway, sorry it’s a bit long winded. Play with PB to see how your custom plan changes based on what you select.


This is helpful feedback thank you