What keeps you going?

Everyone has different goals. Different reasons for doing this, and different motivations that get you through.

Curious to hear where everyone is coming from. Why do you do it?

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I’m a little less fat, and a little less slow every day. So that’s cool.


I have a lot of insecurities, and training helps me to combat them.


I need to stay active for my line of work. I have a special needs child. My parents both have cancer and one is a drug addict. I fight through each day for my family.

Added bonus: I’m getting fitter and down to the same size pants I wore in 5th grade.

I buffet my body and make it my slave.


Winning races is fun

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The training is easy for me. I love seeing the accomplishment of a session and all the Strava kudo’s :wink: . I’m an overthinker, and I find I can’t think about anything on the bike, so whenever I get stressed, jumping on the bike is a good way to reset.

I got into biking in the first place because a bike would take me places I’d never otherwise go, running being too slow and I wouldn’t drive a car around some of the random places I go on the bike, so every ride is an adventure and lets me enjoy nature in a way I otherwise only get by hiking.

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Riding a bike is like getting in to bed with an old friend. There is an inherant joy that it gives me, that in some sense is indescribable. Along with the obsessive and competitive nature of my personality that leads me to want to be the best I can possibley be at whatever I do.

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This and then the (seemingly) endless pursuit of 5 W/kg


Coach Chad’s comments :slight_smile:

But in all seriousness, training keeps me normal. I suffer from depression and anxiety and exercise mellows me out, helps me let go of those thoughts, and reframed my mindset (most of the time that is).

Overall, you could say—and sorry to get all hippy on you here—it takes me to different plane of consciousness. Racing and racing fast regardless of whether other people are actually are in the race does the same thing.


Echoing what other people have said, helps a lot with anxiety issues.

Also desperate to get to 4w/kg :smiley:

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Since the age of 11 I played rugby. Training, matches and touch games over the summer meant I was playing anywhere between 3-6 days a week.

After having my first child I couldn’t keep up that commitment as it involved being out of the house a lot and travelling.

I’ve always ridden a bike, mainly for getting around rather than as a sport and it has now filled that hole. I think after rugby faded and before I took the cycling more seriously I put on about 10kg.

Short answer: keeping off weight, staying sane