What is your evil workout?

What is your evil workout that makes you curse every time you see it on your calendar?

Here I go: Capathian Peak +2, it is just freaking mental madness.

Nothing is evil when you’ve completed Disaster.

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Dardanelles -2 is pretty unpleasant and will rapidly expose any shortcomings in endurance or TTE.

48 minutes at 95-102% FTP with 3 x 30 second recoveries which is just long enough to make you seriously question why you’re doing this to yourself but not long enough to actually recover in any meaningful way. Last interval is 12 minutes dropping from 102 to 100%, which is tantalisingly designed so that it looks like it should be getting easier but dropping 1 watt every ~2 minutes is a drop in the ocean compared to the relief that your legs are crying out for by then.