What is the limiting factor?

I’m new to trainerroad and i was wondering how i can figure out wehther i am limited by my cardiovascular system or by my muscle exhaustion.

Don’t worry about it, just schedule a low volume plan and get training. Commit to the training and learn more about it from the forum and the podcast, you’ll figure out your strengths and limiters over time.

(edit to add: I’ve been cycling for 25 years and using TR for 3 years, I honestly couldn’t tell you whether I’m limited by muscular exhaustion or my cardiovascular system and even if I did know I’m not sure how it would change how I train. I do the training, I can push more watts…)


Depending on the situation you are limited by both if I’m understanding you. Muscle fiber recruitment is different for a 10 hour Z2 ride v. a 1 hour Z2 ride. In addition, energy system dependency (ATP-CP, Glycolytic or aerobic) is different for maximal efforts for different durations. A max 5 second, 30 second and one hour effort rely on different systems for muscle function.