What is 'Push to 6' in the desktop app?

I noticed this ‘Push to 6’ button in my Trainerroad desktop app (MacOS) when viewing an outdoor ride.

What is ‘Push to 6’? Or ‘Pushed to 6’ in this case, since I couldn’t resist hitting that button to see what it does, and it apparently pushed something somewhere!

Hey there! I just checked in with the team and it sounds like this is a visual bug our engineers should have fixed shortly. :slight_smile:

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Well, it might be what Zackery said above, but I’m almost certain that you’ve accidentally stumbled upon the TR ‘Push to 6w/kg’ button.

To explain, it’s long been known that TR secretly selects to put new athletes on different training and outcome trajectories when they first sign up. A range of outcomes are available to them, from ‘Blow up repeatedly with intensity’ to ‘Multi-season straight line FTP increase’ to ‘Plateau until increases volume’ to Push to 3, 4, 5 & 6 w/kg etc. Your allocation to a specific outcome depends on a number of factors, including your physical attractiveness, your favourite colour, number of cats owned etc.

The clever bit is then in the plans themselves, which whilst looking similar are in fact secretly adjusted in a hidden way. This means that my SSBLV and your SSBLV are not the same, with the actual power needed for each interval (and rest period) subtly different, depending on our allocated outcomes. This means for example if I’m on the outcome labelled ‘peak too early’ my SSBLV will be different to your SSBLV (secretly Push to 6w/kg) workouts. They have even managed to trick external power meters in some subtle way so it’s not detectable.

Why TR do this is a bit of a mystery but the best guess that I’ve seen so far is that it drives traffic to this here forum with inevitable questions from athletes. This in turn generates extra advertising $$$’s for TR. My recommendation would be to pretend that you haven’t noticed given that you’ve been lucky enough to get the dream ‘Push to 6w/kg’ selection.

Let us know how you go!


I was hoping to read he was slaying :muscle: a WL 4 workout and TR app ‘pushed it to 6’

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They just love their research - we’re all unknowingly just one big randomised controlled trial.

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