What is happening with the forum?

Unfortunately some people will always complain, and some people can’t swallow their pride and use an appropriate ftp and/ or training plan.
I do the low volume plan even tho I can handle mid volume, I’m in it for the long run. Slow progress is better than burning out and hating life/ blaming someone else…IMO


I wonder if it’s about having the expectation that the plan will fit regardless of idiosyncrasies. It’s difficult to know what is a specific need for adaption and it’s easy to “blame” the plan.


Quite a bit of off-topic comments here.

Please refocus on the FORUM aspect and not training related discussion.
“Training” talk belongs in the “Training” category, and this topic is deliberately in the “Uncategorized” category on purpose.


@rentagreement I think what you describe is a natural evolution of any forum as more people join and contribute. Inevitably, you get more different points of view, conflicting guidance, and repetition.

As more people contribute on a given thread, it also gets harder to keep track of the where the discussion is going, and contribute posts that build on discussion that comes before.

Sometimes I’m turned off from contributing to a given thread because of the sheer volume of posts that I might/should(?) read before adding my post. And if I post something, by the time I’m done typing, another 20 posts have been added and my post gets buried further up the thread.

For me, I’ve tried to be more judicious on the threads I follow, and when I engage. That’s something I can control, and preserve the experience for me.


Oh man I’m quite the opposite. Right now in the middle of my first winter of what you’ve described, I am going crazy and have never been this depressed. Haven’t ridden outside since October. There’s been snow on the ground since Christmas and I don’t think we’ve hit above 35F in over a month. Very much not a cold winter person, I need to be outside.

That said, I’ve spent more hours on the trainer this winter than ever before. Hoping when it warms up I’ll be a lot faster.

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I live in FL. The “coldest” it has been here is 38 for a day… (that was the low… high was 5x).
And i have ride exactly 5 times out since October…

So no much difference there,

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Upstate NY. Have had weeks in single digits with wind chills below 0. I guess with temps in the 90s+, it’s still hard to ride outside. I think I’d still choose it over here though. Different strokes I guess.

Do we need a separate “What’s the weather?” thread?

I get that it’s a consideration with the OP, like Covid lockdowns and other factors keeping us inside this last long stretch, but maybe we keep that broader side discussion out of this, please.


Yup. Better to just walk away or better yet go ride your bike.
This procedure works for me:

  1. Type in your reply; get it all out.
  2. Don’t click Reply
  3. Come back the next day and click Cancel.

I have better things to do that aren’t getting done hanging out on this forum.
I would pay for a feature than summarizes each thread. I am sure there is software somewhere that could do that but probably not designed to handle forum posts.


Has there actually ever been a discussion about that the forum and podcast would be paid features? Just curious, if that would change the forum drastically.

@mcneese.chad thx for moderating!

This would be a marketing disaster!

  • Nothing I have seen from TR on that.

  • I know there are other forums that have “paid” sections via one method or another (specific forum access payment, or via training plan purchase and the like) and may still have “free” sections too.

  • Interesting question. Seems like it could filter some comments from outside observers or past users. No idea if that is a good or bad thing, and likely not a single answer (like so much around us).

PS happy to help where I can, but it’s been something unique the last week and beyond.



I am not saying that this would make sense or should be desirable. I was just curious if that was ever the case or considered since so many quote the forum and podcast as an important source of information.

Most of TR owners are in the age group who were raised when the internet was booming (boomers of you will - HAHAHA)

They are probably well aware that paid ANYTHING is not what the users are looking for.

People want something in return. For most of us, we see forums and podcasts as a promotional tool/information about products.

I have never paid for a forum, but I know people who have paid for certain features on certain forums.
I dont think TR forum has anything that would make it a worthy paid product…

If anything, making it private for paid users might be something they could consider, and I would find “fair”.


Thanks, that was actually what I meant: access to forum and podcast only to subscribers of TR.


Forum, 100% would be acceptable.

Podcast probably would be slightly harder.
Thats is 100% a marketing tool to sell their product.

and for the most part is “free” for them to create and they could actually easily monetize the video on youtube.

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True, I was once actually not TR subscriber for a short time and was surprised that I still had access to the forum.

  • Hardly free, IMO.

  • Four front people, at least one person running the show live (likely more) and who knows what for post processing. All taking some wage/salary during the show (and after if working on post) and NOT doing something else productive to the company end goals… that’s well short of free and actually quite expensive I would guess.


Definitely not free. OTOH, I wonder how much business this forum generates for TR?


Don’t forget the prep work. Chad has to do all the research for the deep dives, though that’s probably what he does anyway and the others need a heads up and points to bring up during the conversation.

Though, I think Jonathan’s job is the podcast/marketing as he seems to be the forward facing person. So, that fits into his job description. But the others aren’t.

Also, don’t forget the network fees to pay for the site traffic.