What does this sentence mean?

Just catching up on some cycling news and spotted this in the article about Andrea Tafi’s possible Roubaix attempt next year.

"“I did a test the other day, producing a peak of 375 watts at a 166 heart rate,” Bettini continued.

Just not sure what that means, but I am really curious about the fitness of these ex-pros. If he means that’s his absolute peak power at his age, why is he saying it? Is he saying Tafi’s power will be similar so it’s pointless for him to compete?

Maybe with the language barriers and translations and editing a lot of the context is missing.

Yeah there is zero context for Bettini to say that so it’s confusing. I’m just guessing he means:

“Just because us old guys can still produce a relatively high FTP/power/etc…it doesn’t mean we can compete at the pro level much less Worldtour level. So leave the spot open to a young upcoming pro who NEEDS a contract.”

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