What do you do with your wedding ring while riding a bike?

Yeah mine was a little on the loose side and I always worried about losing it. My hands seem to have got skinnier over the years (+20 years married). Last year I was out on a long one and my hands started to get pins and needles (happens with certain tops/ baselayer combos crimping the armpits). I shook it off and heard that awful pinging sound as my wedding band flew off from under my mitts and down the road. Thank his holy noodeliness I found it. Went straight to a craft jeweler and had it re-sized. I had tried previously with the local branch-type jeweler but they just shrugged. Get it resized. Even the old tape on trick won’t work as at some point you will forget to do it. Wearing it on a chain is a PITA too, but if you do go there; use a gold chain. Silver reacts with, and can coat, everything.

My wife takes a dim view of me doing that. She will allow me to remove them for heavy lifting or baking. I have a Claddagh Ring on the other hand and she takes an even dimmer view if I wear that the wrong way around. Some serious wasp chewing there!

I leave it on, only difference is in ocean swims I tape it on…
Never had an issue on the bike… I wear gloves and that seems to cover it.

Single wrap of surgical tape over the ring and around my finger. The tape is so thin it doesn’t impede me in any way and the ring is secure.

I ended up getting my wedding ring tattooed. Apart from cycling, climbing is a huge passion of mine and wearing rings is a big no no unless you want to deglove your finger skin (don’t do a google image search on that one). Locking carabiners are good for collecting rings and keeping them safe - not such a good solution for cycling but you never know.

I’ve put my wedding band on a chain and keep it around my neck… (no Albatros jokes please… LOL!)

From my not married point of view I wouldn’t wear it just in case to lose it or damage in accident, crash or just slipped off during ride. You are married anyway one thing less to worry about.

I basically quit wearing my wedding ring since Covid lockdown. I’m back at the office now but I never remember to put it on in the morning. I leave the house before my wife is awake so she never notices :wink: She doesn’t seem to care too much when she does notice. Her dad hasn’t worn his wedding ring in years so I don’t think its very high on her priority list.

Prior to Covid I did remove it for all rides and races. If I rolled out from home I just left it there. If I drove to a group ride or race after work I left it in my center console. I don’t have a very expensive ring (but it is carbon fiber!) so I’m not too worried about the slim chance of it getting stolen. I’m more worried about an injury to my ring finger while wearing it and the minor annoyance/discomfort when riding.

Would add another voice in favor of not wearing a metal band while riding. Last year I broke my wrist mountain biking, and while it happened to be my right wrist, it made me think twice about wearing a metal band due to how quickly it swelled up, and how hard it would have been to remove had I broken the left wrist instead. A silicone band can be removed more easily (and even cut off if needed). Skip the metal band when riding!

i only take mine off to lift weights or if digging holes in the yard for an extended period, wear it every ride

I haven’t worn my metal band in years! We’ve been married 21 years this year and I’ve worn silicon bands for probably half of that time. So much more comfortable.

I wear and oura ring… usually I put it on the charger when riding!

I lost mine cycling about 10 years ago. Still married. Still cycling.

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I’ve always just worn mine and never had a problem after almost 20 years now. The only time I remove it is when I’m on the trainer for a long time (1+ hour) since the static position tends to contribute to some hand/finger numbness.

My wife is the one who has had the harder time with her ring since it has the rock on it (where mine is just a simple gold band) and she mountain bikes a lot. She tends to just leave it at home if that’s an option or she locks it in her truck and keeps her fingers crossed. The ring is insured as well.

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I just wear mine.

This may make you laugh. There’s a guy at the club who took a nasty fall over the bars once and smashed out one of his front teeth. He had an implant put in and his wife insists that he takes it out before rides in case he looses it.
:grin: So every ride he now turns up with a missing tooth.

And you’re worried about a wedding ring. :joy:

Do what you think is the best option for you.

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I leave mine at home. It’s pretty loose because apparently the first place I lose weight from is my fingers.