What do you do with partial bad data on rides? (Also... toe warmers messed with power readings from pedal-based PM)

What do you guys do with partial bad power data on rides?

I rode outside today and my warm up felt really easy and my PM was reading right around threshold… I started my first interval of over-unders and I was easily holding above threshold and even into VO2max zone. I stopped and recalibrated twice during that first interval and nothing changed. Finally took off my toe warmers and everything went back to normal… the rest of the ride was spot on with RPE and the power numbers.

(I’ve got a Garmin Vector 2s btw)

So… I’m getting an inflated TSS from that ride. I’d guess about 30tss more than what it should have been.

Ditch (delete) the file, estimate the TSS and put a manual entry in.

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The most interesting thing about this post is that removing the toe warmers seemed to fix the issue…

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I thought that was weird too… I’ve ridden with them before and had zero issues. Has anyone else had this happen before? Maybe I didn’t pull them on all the way or something causing extra pressure on the pedal?

That’s part of the reason I mentioned that it was a pedal based power meter (Vector 2s). I’ve edited the title to see if anyone else had thoughts on that.

Yeah, the toe warmer thing is interesting, were they pushing on the pods or something? As far as the ride goes, for TR I would edit the ride and uncheck the two check boxes for Career inclusion, keep the ride if you do want to go back and look at some of the correct information. Then add a manual entry with the correct estimated TSS of the ride and use that for your averages. Also, I would look in to replacing your pedals if you can afford it, I would have a hard time trusting data if it can be thrown off so easily.

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Bad TSS data is pretty much meaningless in six weeks. For myself, I just don’t worry about it. For a coached athlete, I’d fix it manually.

I rode a full week without my right pedal paired, so I was getting bad power data and terrible trainer performance, resulting in most workouts being 10+% harder than intended in spite of power numbers that “looked right”.

I generally don’t worry about it unless it sets some kind of weird power record, in which case I edit the ride or delete it altogether.