What do you do to be well rounded? My body can't subsist as a keyboard jockey punctuated by interval training

I ride for about 8-9 hours per week, mostly outside and on my lunch break or right after work. I lift once or twice a week and play in an adult hockey league. I picked up hockey this year as I was getting bored of just spinning my legs. Also felt I was getting too much like an endurance sport weirdo and had to make sure I stay cool enough, you know?

I do heavy leg lifts then body weight circuits otherwise (core oriented but hitting all muscle groups). Most team sports when your on your feet moving around will be a full body workout too (and fun while you’re doing it)

I work a classic 9-5 deck job, yawn.


This is my plan with 3kbs (12/16/20) and takes about 30 mins, 2 days a week with a LV plan.

Good luck @mattkime getting away from the desk, I’m a tech support infra monkey so I know the challenge of being desk bound. Especially with the rise of WFH.

10 * 15 emom swings
20 pushups
20 leg raises
2 mins Rest

Workout sets
10 clean per side
10 squats (16 kg goblet, pistol, off hand, Cossack, etc)
10 ohp (double or single hand)
10 row per side
2 mins rest

Repeat until unhappy

30s shoulder taps x2
30s x2 side plank

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Agree with a lot of the suggestions, but one thing I didn’t see was mention of a walking pad / walking treadmill to use at standing desk. You can get slim low profit units pretty damn cheap. I walk slowly for 90% of the work day and have been nudging my average up towards 20K steps a day as a result. I can walk faster if I’m in listen only mode, but when I need to be talking and/or typing I just walk really slow (<1mph) and it’s fine. I’m a software engineering manager for reference.

Of course outdoor walking is more enjoyable, but between training, family obligations and work I don’t have any more time to spare. I do dialed health kettlebell program as well and that’s been the bigger improvement to core strength of course, but I work 10 hour days and avoiding sitting for 10 hours straight is crucial.