What do PL levels look like at end of a block?

Just wondering if anyone has captured and could post what their PL’s looked like at the very end of a block?


What kind of block? It will vary hugely depending on the plan they’re on….

And also will vary depending on the previous block. If they keep the same FTP they keep building from where the PLs were at the end of that block.


Howdy, any will do, just interested what peeps PL’s look like at the end of the different blocks (assuming they’ve stuck reasonably well to the prescription).

@jordivinas , Ah, i thought everything got zero’d when you started a new block due to a new Ramp Test.

Just look at the ratings of the most difficult workouts near the end and that will tell you…although AT will likely mess them a little…

…but I just dont get the fascination with PLs at all? They are just made up numbers to rank different workouts in terms of difficulty. In the last few weeks it seems half the world now thinks PLs are some form of fitness measure like FTP? I even see threads where people quote PLs to describe their fitness profiles and experience like it means w/kg or something?!


Well, you can decide not to test, or test and get the same result, or get a new result and discard the change.
I’m not sure if the PLs scale down/up more or less based on the % change though. It would make sense.

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@Bigpikle @jordivinas , I’m new to TR… so might be miles off…

But, I assumed the PL’s sort of gave me a measure of my progression/capabilities in each area and if I didn’t keep on top of each of these PL’s they would fade? or if I wanted to increase a capability in a certain area I could hone in on it?.

Understood, if you don’t test at start of a block (not sure why anyone wouldn’t), (but AT would eventually tune into it? and alter PL’s accordingly?)

They will grow as you go, until you test again. So, for example, after a test, VO2 might be 3.0, but will gradually creep up and up, and, picking a random number, be at 7.0 at the end of the block. If you start a new block with a new test, they could go back down to 3.0 of the new FTP, and if you skip the FTP and stick to the old one, it could still be at 7.0.

This was @Bigpikle’s point. A 7.0 at FTP of 250 is completely different than a 7.0 at an FTP of 300. We’d all rather have a VO2 of 3.0 @300 FTP than a 9.9 @250.


@Pbase I thought after an FTP test everything zero’d based on the new FTP?

Yeah, understood PL will (falsely) remain the same if you you don’t test prior to each new block (unless you manually adjust).

What progressions have folks had at the end of a block (if they tested prior to starting block)

I usually end up about 7, 10, 7, 7, 1

That’s N=1 and as has been mentioned a few times it very much depends on which block you’re doing. Some won’t progress different zones.

In my opinion, you should aim for around a 7 in Threshold, or VO2 in the blocks that focus on that if your FTP is accurate. Above there the workload is quite high and either, you’re like me and aren’t getting much movement in FTP and so the intervals are getting longer etc, or if your FTP is genuinely going up all the time and you need the increased resistance/wattages to continue your progression/overload then it’s not unreasonable to expect you wouldn’t go above those points.

Just my 2c


I’ve had some interruptions to my training and haven’t done the last couple of ramp tests as I didn’t think there had been much change in my ability. The last block of training I did with the data you want is from the end of the summer: my ftp went from 268-281 over the course of sweetspot 1 low volume. My first sweetspot work out that block was a 4.5 (although it looks like I thought that was too easy as my next one was a 6.0) and my last one was an 8.3. My threshold workouts moved up from 4.0 to 6.3.

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Thanks :+1:t2:

Dont fully get it - can u please explain. What determines the first workout after new ftp. I already did a 3.6 ss workout after new ftp which I stopped because too long breaks and too easy. Build first week shows 3.0 ss so seems I now need to guess where to start with?

This is why I believe that if we can do breakthrough or stretch workouts we should in the beginning to more quickly set our PLs to the correct level so the workouts feel more productive. Others disagree with me and say we should go slow and let the AI do it’s thing over days and weeks.


You could maybe compare the KJ’s (per hour) on your last completed workout to what is being proposed and if proposed is a lot lower try find something similar/higher and see how you get on.

Or compare TSS (per hour)?