What do do after Specialty or VO2 block?

Curious what you go back to after a period of really high intensity. Think, a TR Speciality or one of your own or coach-prescribed blocks (VO2max, anaerobic capacity, etc).

  • Are you taking some time off?
  • Are you jumping into a block designed to lift FTP, thus reaping the benefits from raising your aerobic ceiling.
  • Are you just racing and trying to recover?
  • Other?
  • Back to Sweet Spot Base (why?)
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Racing almost every week now for the foreseeable future, at least through the end of September.

Extensive FTP (threshold or sst), vo2 max rinse and repeat. I have recently added some workouts to improve anaerobic capacity (my biggest weakness) and even few workouts given me some benefits (simple 15/15s) - it was also “something new” addition and I was curious how my body will react. But I am not racing ( to weak in terms of fitness and inexperienced with bike handling) so this changes a lot in terms of periodisation.

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