What Did You Feel Like After First Few Hard Rides?

Just wrapped up week 3 SSB Mid Volume. The last two rides I did were 1:30 each - McAdie (over under) and Eclipse (3x20 sweet spot). I might have to dial things down a bit cause after Eclipse I was absolutely out of it - almost hungover like - and was in total fog in spite of good nutrition. The day after Eclipse had to take ibu and struggled to get kids to school. What did other folks feel like their first time thru SSB?

3x20 is taxing for most. How it affects each person is dependent on many many variables like: age, past athletic history, genetics, nutrition, etc… Beyond those if you are new to structured workouts, training with power, and trainer riding adding any one of those variables can be a huge learning curve. Add all three at once can crush new riders for sure.

It’s normal. Listen to your body. It’s ok to skip workouts or sub a super easy recovery ride for a tougher one to give your body time to adapt.


Thanks Landis good advice.

Agree with what Landis said. The Feeling you had was normal, your body is adjusting to your new life style. Its hard for me to do this but if you have a hard work out that leaves you drained, know that the next day will probably be affected and since life is probably more important than training, dial down the subsequent ride 5 or 10% so you don’t bury yourself deeper into that hole (that will take longer to recover from)! If you can do this you will be better of on the long run.

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