What did I do?...made a connection boo boo today?

I just purchased a Wahoo Roam computer and had been setting up my pages, syncing sensors with 2 bikes etc. Today, I mistakingly synced the Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer to the Roam, instead of to the TrainerRoad app. I did not realize this until I was into the 1st interval on Washington +2 when I noticed there were only 2 sensors sync instead of the typical 3; Stages PM and the HR monitor, but not the SNAP. I noticed this just as I started the 1st interval. I had to shift gears to hit the targeted power, so I knew something was off; typical setting is ERG mode. The more I changed gears, the more resistance I felt. I was going to stop during the recovery zone, but decided to push through as is. Was this the resistance training mode? What did I do?

Using iPad.

Let me know…Thanks

level mode.

no big deal, you just won’t get trainer control, as you noticed. it’s like a dumb trainer. I think the default is level 3.

no big deal, not sure why you would abort a workout, but you could definitely pair it during the workout.

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Level 3 is exactly what it read on the Roam. Is level mode the same as standard? I don’t see level as a mode on the TrainerRoad app.

Btw, I did not abort the workout. I just shifted gears as needed. I don’t know how to pair in the middle of a workout. This was the 1st time it happened and only because I was setting up a new computer. I will be sure my standard settings are in place in the future.

Thanks for the feedback.

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yes. standard is TrainerRoad terminology. level mode is wahoo. Since you didn’t connect the trainer to the trainerroad app, it will default to the default operating mode for the trainer (when not app controlled).

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