What Determines/Changes My Levels?

Hey all,
I was recently inducted into the AT beta through the super secret ritual TR developed and only needed one monkey paw to do it. I’m just waiting on my ritual mask to begin…
But anyway and on a serious note, I had just been using my regular Plan Builder plan up until then. Since joining I have done my prescribed workouts and synced the outdoor ones with the ‘associated’ workouts, then selected the ‘how did it feel’ after each one.
Despite that, all my progression levels are basically 1, and my VO2, which was the only one that had any ranking, has actually gone down.
Granted it has only been about a week, but I’d still like to know what/how those levels are determined. I searched the TR forum but the initial list of topics didn’t seem to have what I was looking for, so if anyone can link to an appropriate topic or page, or can tell me how those levels are calculated and changed, that would be great.
Here’s a screenshot of my levels. Cheers!

Are you doing most of your workouts outdoors? AT isn’t the best yet with outdoor workouts and I think simply associating it after the fact won’t work. I did an outdoor tempo last week which did increase my levels but I had to use the outdoor version of the workout, run on my garmin.


It’s usually a mix, but leaning towards outdoor. That’s fine if outdoor aren’t affecting it yet-just so long as I know what is or is not having an impact :grin:

Yes, associating a ride with a workout after the event does not work with AT.

Also, even TR Outside Workouts done on Garmin are not currently being classified correctly, issues with the algorithm seeking super compliance. I did three outside workouts and all of them were classified as ‘failed’ by AT. Even though I marked them as “I did not struggle” and gave them a success rating they have not contributed to the progression level.

Outside Workouts on Wahoo are not currently working with AT.

Cool good to know. That’s Beta life!

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