What could it mean when you make no/marginal FTP gains after 3 months of SSB HV?

Over the last 3 months, I’ve ramped my CTL to 70 doing SSB HV. Now, they weren’t perfect blocks- I stopped each a week early and had a crash in between blocks. My FTP started at 250, got to 260 after the first block SSB1, then is stuck at 260 after the second block SSB2.

What could cause this? I was doing a lot of recreational riding before starting a plan. My guess is that SS is setting an aerobic fitness level different from FTP as measured by ramp tests. So HOPEFULLY I’m better at something like repeatability of SS intervals, but to get my FTP to go any higher I need to get to the VO2+ work next.

Just a little annoying to do all that miserable SS and not have a number to show for it.

Too much of the same thing.

My FTP didn’t move after I did SSHV.

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I too experienced a stall in growth after SSBHVII. I chalked it up to fatigue and took a break. I suspect SSBHV falls in to the category of « things I can do, but probably shouldn’t » in terms of training stimulus.

Sounds like you worked hard on increasing TTE. That’s not nuthin’.

I think about training in terms of limiters. Endurance is not your limiter at this time. So what is it? Is your core solid? Do you need some strength training? Is your diet dialed in? How’s your leg speed? Etc. you get the picture.


Share your profile and I bet these folks can give you specific answers rather than guess and generalize.